Raymond J. CLARK


Raymond J. CLARK
Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and thereby authorized to supervise theses and Adjunct Professor, Department of Classics and Religious Studies

PhD, Postgraduate Certificate of Education, BA, Exeter University

Office: 613-236-1953 / 613-231-1115

Work E-mail: rjclark@mun.ca

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Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and thereby authorized to supervise theses.

Courses taught

  • LCL4100 Vergil's Eclogues / Aeneid / Horace's Odes
  • LCL3100 Selections from Latin authors
  • CLA3130 Mythology through Literature / Homer and Vergil

Selected publications

The Eleusinian Mysteries and Vergil's 'Appearance-of-a-Terrifying-Female-Apparition-in-the-Underworld' motif in Aeneid 6, in P.A. Johnston and G. Casadio (eds), The Cults of Magna Graecia (2009) 190-203.

Dido's Moment of Death as a Cosmic Event in Vergil's Universe, in P. Granoff and K. Shinohara (eds), Heroes and Saints: The Moment of Death in Cross-cultural Perspectives (Newcastle, 2007) 251-274.

Horace on Vergil's Sea-Crossing in Ode I. 3, Vergilius 50 (2004) 1-24.

The Cerberus-like function of the Gorgons in Vergil's Underworld (Aen. 6. 273-294), Classical Quarterly 53 (2003) 308-309.

Fields of Interest

  • Vergil and his influence in late antiquity
  • Local traditions and history of Campania in Southern Italy
  • Mythology, Literature esp. Epic, and Greek philosophy
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