Programs of Study

Intro to Programs of Classics

Unlock the secrets of Greek and Roman civilizations and the origins of the modern world. Benefit from small class sizes and a close-knit student community. You have access to a departmental reading room and an on-campus museum that provides volunteer opportunities so you can gain first-hand experience with museum work and the classical world. In the Classical Studies programs, students are not required to take Latin or Greek but may take either as an elective. Greek and Latin are required for graduate work in Classical Studies.

Undergraduate programs in Classical Studies

Graduate programs in Classical Studies

Intro to Programs of Religious Studies

Our multidisciplinary religious studies programs allow you to look at all the world’s religions throughout history to understand better the world in which we live today. The programs combine history, sociology, psychology and anthropology to provide a rich mixture of perspectives on topics like the history of the study of religion, Amerindian religions, Asian cultural traditions, religions in Canada, women and religion, human rights, health, ecology and the relation between religion and globalization.

Undergraduate Programs in Religious Studies

Graduate Programs in Religious Studies

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