Religious Studies - Undergraduate

Why Study Religious Studies?

Why Study Religions

Religious Studies enables students to understand cultural diversity, analyze religious behaviour, and interpret current events associated with religious identity. It equips students with wide cultural knowledge, skill in critical interpretation, and multidisciplinary training.


Programs of Study

Honours BA in Religious Studies

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The Honours BA in Religious Studies is designed to give students a thorough training in methods and approaches used when studying religion today. This training is given in a series of required courses taken over the duration of the program. The remainder of the program allows students to pursue aspects of religion that interest them in more detail. Some courses are in areas where the department has considerable expertise, such as religion in Canada or religion in antiquity. Others are on current topics, such as religion and popular culture or religion and ecology. And yet others are on specific religious traditions, such as Islam or Hinduism. The program enables students to think critically and comparatively about culture—a skill that is valuable in many areas of work—and qualifies them to apply to graduate programs in Religious Studies.

Program Structure | Course Sequence

Major in Religious Studies

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The Major in Religious Studies, like the Honours, gives students a foundation in methods and approaches used when studying religion today, and allows students to pursue topics that interest them when selecting the remainder of their courses. The Major is designed for students who want to develop a thorough understanding of religious experience and behaviour, while at the same time pursuing another Major or Minor in order to complete their degree. The Major equips students with cultural knowledge and critical skills that can be applied in many fields, such as communications, public administration, law, business, education, and health.

Program Structure  |  Course Sequence

Minor in Religious Studies

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The Minor in Religious Studies is an ideal way to pursue an interest in religion while focusing on a Major or Honours in another program. Students receive an introduction to the main religious traditions in today’s world, and are be able to choose from an array of courses to complete the remaining 21 credits. Students can learn about a particular tradition in more depth, study how religion affects aspects of contemporary life, or explore ways to study religious experience and behaviour.

Program Structure  |  Course Sequence




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