Why Religious Studies

What is Religious Studies?

Why Study Religious Studies?

Our program offers a scientific study of religions, not theological studies from within any given religious tradition. Religions always had a central place in virtually all civilizations and cultures. The program examines profound existential questions that human beings have asked themselves since the dawn of time. Students will reflect on several of these questions. Technology and science may have radically changed our view of the world, but we still find religion in our contemporary society. In fact, religions are key elements in every culture; they play a fundamental role in the life of billions of people. Every day, we can see the central place of religion in politics. Religion will continue to be a critical factor in public life around the world.

Religious studies are an exciting field of study. The sector has a particular interest in the following areas: World religions, globalization and religions, Amerindian religions, religion in Canada, women and religion, and religions in the classical Greco-Roman world. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of religious phenomena using historical, sociological, psychological, and anthropological perspectives.

Like many other B.A. programs (including those in the Faculty of Science), Religious Studies does not lead to a specialized profession. However, the critical skills learned in our program will serve students well. Such skills are in high demand. Our program offers a wide array of opportunities and a strong foundation for a rewarding career.

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