Peruvemba S Jaya


Peruvemba S Jaya
Associate Professor, Department of Communication
BA (Hons) Sociology, University of Delhi, India
MA Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, India
PhD Organizational Behaviour (Business Administration), University of Rhode Island USA

DMS, 55 Laurier Avenue East, Room 11152

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 2538

Work E-mail:

Placement holder


Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and thereby authorized to supervise theses.

Member of the Interdisciplinary Research Group in Organizational Communication (IRGOC)

Research Affiliate of the Atlantic Metropolis Centre of Excellence for Research in Immigration Integration and Cultural Diversity

Member of University of Ottawa team on SSHRC funded Community University Research Alliance, Welcoming Communities and Workplace Diversity Initiative

Affiliated with the Institute of Women’s Studies, University of Ottawa

Ongoing research

  • Study on how the caste system in India is reconfigured in the discourse of power in Indian organizations in present day India.
  • Project on using an organizational culture model in a pedagogical context to explain the concepts and assumptions undergirding organizational culture.
  • Project on the cons/truction of gender in the Canadian construction industry.

Selected publications


Tastsoglou, Evangelia and Jaya, Peruvemba S. (Eds). (in press). Immigrant Women in Atlantic Canada: Challenges, Negotiations, and Re-Constructions. Canadian Scholars Press Incorporated, The Women’s Press.

Book chapters

Jaya, Peruvemba S & Porter, Marilyn. (in press) Asking for Apples from a Lemon Tree: Some Experiences of Immigrant Women in Newfoundland and Labrador.  In Tastsoglou, Evangelia and Jaya, Peruvemba S. (Eds), Immigrant Women in Atlantic Canada: Challenges, Negotiations, and Re-Constructions. (pp 87-118). Canadian Scholars Press Incorporated, The Women’s Press.

Jaya, Peruvemba S, & Ahmed, R. (in press). Women of color in the academy: The South Asian ‘corner.’ In M. N. Niles, & N. Gordon (Eds.), Still searching for our Mother’s garden: Experiences of new tenure track women of color at ‘majority’ institutions (pp. 137-153). Lanham, MD: University Press of America

Journal articles

Jaya, Peruvemba S. Themes of Identity:An Autoethnographical Exploration.  The Qualitative Report. Accepted

Jaya, Peruvemba S. Randall, Linda M. & Olinsky, Alan. (2010) Identity and Communication Style: The Case of the Asian Indian Worker Insights to a Changing World.  Issue 1: pp 51-69.

Jurva, Katrina, Jaya, Peruvemba.S. (2008) Ethnic identity among second-generation Finnish immigrant youth in Canada: Some voices and perspectives. Canadian Ethnic Studies. Vol 40(2): pp 109-128

Randall, Linda M., & Jaya, Peruvemba S. (2006). “Using Grounded Theory to Unravel Complex and Context-rich Business Environments: A Study of the Russian Manager and Business Environment”.  Journal of East West Business Vol 12, Issue (2/3): 7-37.

Swanson, Jennifer A., Kowalski, Kellyann, B., & Jaya, Peruvemba S (2006). “An International Business Experience: Culture in the Classroom” Journal of the Academy of Business Education. Vol 7:33-42

Jaya, Peruvemba S. & Roy, M.H. (2001). “Placing the Entrepreneur in Context: Lessons from the Leadership Literature for Asia-Pacific region”.  Journal of International Business and Entrepreneurship. 8(2): 133-151

Jaya, Peruvemba S. (2001). “Do we really ‘know’ and ‘profess’?: De-colonizing management knowledge”.Organization. Vol 8(2): 227-233.

Barbuto, J.E. & Jaya, Peruvemba S. (2000). “Communication Breakdowns in Interpersonal Settings: An Experiential Application of a Process Based Model.”The Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management   Vol. 2 (1): 25-31.

Book review

Jaya, Peruvemba S. (2008).The New North American Studies Reader: Culture, Writing, and the Politics of Re/Cognition (review) Canadian Ethnic Studies - Volume 40, (2) :pp. 219-221


Jaya, Peruvemba S., Porter, Marilyn. 2008. Immigrant Women in Newfoundland and Labrador. In. (Eds.). Murphy, Terry & Finney, James De. Our Diverse Cities. Atlantic Region. Published by Metropolis.

Tastsoglou, Evangelia, Cottrell, Barbara & Jaya, Peruvemba S .2006.Navigating Anti Violence Work in Atlantic Canada in a Culturally Sensitive Way.Submitted to Status of Women Canada. Funded by the Status of Women Canada Policy Research Fund Ottawa. Authors listed alphabetically. (100 pages) Report submitted to the Status of Women Canada as fulfillment of the contract for funding provided by Status of Women Canada Policy Research Fund.

Porter, Marilyn & Jaya, Peruvemba S. (2005). “Recent Immigrant Women in Newfoundland and Labrador: Problems and Perspectives”.  Report submitted to the Gender Diversity and Migration/Immigrant Women Domain of the Atlantic Metropolis Centre of Excellence for Research in Immigration, Integration and Cultural Diversity.

Conference presentations

Jaya, Peruvemba S & Ahmed, Rukhsana. (2010) A Comparison of Bangladeshi Muslim and Indian Hindu Marriage Practices.Canadian Communication Association Conference Meetings May 2010.

Ahmed, Rukhsana & Jaya, Peruvemba S. (2010) Cultural Integration of Internationally Educated Health Professionals into the Canadian Workforce: A Meta-Analysis, IEHP Atlantic Connection Symposium (Feb. 25 & 26, 2010 in Halifax).

Lennox Terrion, Jenepher, Ferguson, Sherry, Jaya, Peruvemba S. & Aceti, Victoria (2009) Use of Clicker technology in a team Teaching Class. Symposium on Teaching and Technology University of Ottawa May 2009.

Ahmed, Rukhsana. & Jaya, Peruvemba S. (2009) Ethnic Media and Representation of South Asian Women.  Canadian Communication Association Conference Meetings May 2009.

Brown, Travor & Jaya, Peruvemba S. (2007)The Effectiveness of Structured Interviews in Minimizing Bias Towards GaysThe XIIIth European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology May 2007 Stockholm, Sweden. Poster session.

Workshops presented

Co- organizer with Evangelia Tastsoglou, Alexandra Dobrowolsky, Maria Yax Fraser. (2008) Immigrant Women in Atlantic Canada. Workshop of 180 minutes, part of the adjudicated workshops of the conference. National Metropolis Conference Halifax.

Tastsoglou, Evangelia & Jaya, Peruvemba S. (2006).”Gender and Transnational Migration: Local, Regional and National Perspectives” Chaired panel at the 8th National Metropolis Conference held in Vancouver Presented on “‘If the Job Issue was resolved, I wouldn’t be thinking of going to Toronto’: Employment experiences of recent immigrant women, Newfoundland and Labrador”. Session part of the adjudicated workshops of the conference.Co-authored with Porter, Marilyn.

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