Daniel J. PARÉ


Daniel J. PARÉ
Associate Professor, Department of Communication

1991 – B.A. Psychology, University of Western
1995 – M.A. Political Science, University of Guelph
2001 – D.Phil. Science and Technology Policy, SPRU – University of Sussex, UK

DMS, 55 Laurier Avenue East, Room 10154

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 2052

Work E-mail: daniel.pare@uOttawa.ca


Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and thereby authorized to supervise theses.

Ongoing research

My areas of ongoing research and policy-related work focus on social, economic, political and technical issues arising from innovations in information and communication technologies (ICTs) in developing and industrialized countries. Areas of specialization include ICTs and international development (ICT4D), e-commerce, Internet governance, information and communication policy, e-government, and knowledge networks

Selected publications 


PARÉ, D. (2003). Internet Governance in Transition: Who is the Master of this Domain? Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers

Book chapters

PARÉ, D., and Smeltzer, S. ICTs as a catalyst for social justice? A capabilities perspective. In Suzan Ilcan (ed). Mobilities, Knowledge, and Social Justice. (McGill-Queens University Press, 2011) [Accepted]

PARÉ, D. (2009). Regulation in the age of the Internet. In Mediascapes: New patterns in Canadian communication, 3rd Edition, edited by Paul Attallah and Leslie Regan Shade. Toronto: Thomson Nelson. Pp. 326-340

PARÉ, D. (2004). The Digital Divide: Why the 'the' is misleading. In Human Rights in the Digital Age, edited by Andrew Murray and Mathias Klang. London: Cavendish Publishing. Pp. 85-97.

PARÉ, D. (2002). Master of My Domain: The Politics of Internet Governance. In Inside the Communications Revolution: New Patterns of Social and Technical Interaction, edited by Robin Mansell, pp. 206-224. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Journal articles

Smeltzer, S., and PARÉ, D., The labour of ICT4D: Wither the separation of carriage and content? Ephemera. [accepted].

Eid, M. and PARÉ, D., Editorial – Mapping communication and media studies in Canada, Global Media Journal – Canadian Edition,1(1). 3-7.

PARÉ, D. and F. Berger (2008). The Conservative party and the 2006 federal election. Canadian Journal of Communication, 33(1): 39-63.

Bonneville, L and D. PARÉ (2006). Socio-economic Stakes in the Development of Telemedicine, Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. 12(5): 217-219.

Humphrey, J., Mansell, R.,PARÉ, D., Schmitz (2004). E-commerce for Developing Countries: Expectations and Reality,IDS Bulletin, 35(1): 31-39, 2004.

PARÉ, D. (2003). Does This Site Deliver? B2B e-commerce services for developing countries. The Information Society: An International Journal, 19(2): 123-134.

Tang, P. and D. PARÉ (2003). Gathering the Foam? A critical review of business method patents. International Review of Law, Computers, and Technology, 17(2): 127-162.

Governmental and Technical Reports

PARÉ, D., Offir, Z., Miller, J. International Expert Panel Review of the IDRC’s Communities and the Information Society in Africa (Acacia) Program 2006-2011. Independent Evaluation prepared for the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Ottawa. 58 pp. August 2010.

Adrian, M.H., PARÉ, D., and K. Rojas (2007). Program Results Assessment, Lessons Learned, and Recommendations to Governing Body for Improving Effectiveness and Development Impact. Independent Evaluation of the Information for Development (infoDev) Global Trust Fund Program. Prepared for the World Bank, Global ICT Department, Washington, D.C. Volume I – Final Report 65 pp., Volume II – Case Studies 103 pp., Volume III – Appendixes 19 pp. March

PARÉ, D. (2006). Assessing best practices in international B2B e-commerce: What lessons can be carried forward to the Trinidad and Tobago context? Prepared for Government of Trinidad and Tobago Fastforward – National Information and Communication Technology Programme. 44 pp.

PARÉ, D. (2004). The Next Generation of B2B E-marketplaces: A New Wave of E-Trade? B2B E-marketplaces: Current Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for SME Exporters in Developing Countries of Asia and the Pacific. International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO (ITC), Geneva, Switzerland. pp. 11-36.

PARÉ, D. (2004). Barriers to e-marketplaces in developing countries. B2B E-marketplaces: Current Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for SME Exporters in Developing Countries of Asia and the Pacific. International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO (ITC), Geneva, Switzerland. pp. 53-72.

PARÉ, D. (2004). Electronic Commerce and Developing Countries: There’s no leap-frogging, only difficult slogging. WTO Policy Brief, Commonwealth Secretariat. March.

Humphrey, J., Mansell, R., PARÉ, D., and H. Schmitz, (2003). The Reality of E-commerce with Developing Countries, London School of Economics and Political Science / Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Prepared for the UK Department for International Development. 47 pp. www.gapresearch.org/production/ecommerce.html

Tang, P., Adams, J., and D. PARÉ (2001). Patent Protection for Computer Programmes. European Commission, Directorate–General Enterprises. 68 pp. http://eupat.ffii.org/papers/tangadpa00/tangadpa00.pdf

Abstracts and/or Papers Read

PARÉ, D., and Smeltzer, S. The ICT/MDG Nexus: Transcending technological determinism in the quest for global justice.Paper presented at Ethics of Human Development and Global Justice: Responsibilities of Institutions and Citizens for Action on Poverty, Annual Conference of International Development Ethics Association, Valencia, Spain, December 2-4, 2009

Smeltzer, S., and PARÉ, D., Constructive digital labour in restricted media environments: A Southeast Asian case study. Paper presented at Digital Labour: Workers, Authors, CitizensConference, University of Western Ontario, October 16-18, 2009.

PARÉ, D., The Politics of Standardizing Internationalized Domain Names. Paper presented at the Canadian Communication Association, Annual Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, June 4-6, 2008.


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