Executive Committee of the Faculty

Mandate of the Executive Committee

Subject to the provisions of Article 160 of the University Government, the terms of reference of the Executive Committee are to:

  • advise and help the dean in the management and planning of the Faculty in compliance with the policies approved by the Faculty Council and the University; take all measures necessary to ensure the smooth running of the Faculty;
  • prepare, for the Faculty Council, by-laws that it deems useful or necessary for the operation of the Faculty;
  • approve the by-laws of the Faculty’s academic units;
  • regulate, in the name of the Faculty Council, problems that arise between  meetings and report on these at the next meeting;
  • perform other duties that may be assigned to it by Faculty Council from time to time;
  • report its decisions to Faculty Council.

Minutes of meetings 2014-2015

All meetings are held in Room 509 in the Arts Hall
June 9, 2015AgendaMeeting Minutes
May 12, 2015AgendaMeeting Minutes
April 14, 2015AgendaMeeting Minutes
March 10, 2015AgendaMeeting Minutes
February 10, 2015AgendaMeeting Minutes
January 20, 2015AgendaMeeting Minutes
December 2, 2014AgendaMeeting Minutes
November 11, 2014AgendaMeeting Minutes
October 7, 2014AgendaMeeting Minutes
September 16, 2014
*exceptionally at SMD 125
AgendaMeeting Minutes
August 26, 2014AgendaMeeting Minutes

Minutes of meetings 2013-2014

All meetings are held in Room 509 in the Arts Hall
June 10, 2014AgendaMeeting Minutes
April 15, 2014AgendaMeeting Minutes
March 11, 2014AgendaMeeting Minutes
February 11, 2014AgendaMeeting Minutes
January 14, 2014AgendaMeeting Minutes
November 12, 2013AgendaMeeting Minutes
October 22, 2013AgendaMeeting Minutes
September 17, 2013AgendaMeeting Minutes
August 27, 2013AgendaMeeting Minutes


Minutes of meetings 2012-2013

All meetings are held in Room 509 in the Arts Hall
June 11, 2013AgendaMeeting Minutes
April 9, 2013AgendaMeeting Minutes
March 12, 2013AgendaMeeting Minutes
February 12, 2013AgendaMeeting Minutes
January 15, 2013AgendaMeeting Minutes
November 20, 2012AgendaMeeting Minutes
October 30, 2012AgendaMeeting Minutes
September 18, 2012AgendaMeeting Minutes
August 28, 2012AgendaMeeting Minutes


Minutes of meetings 2011-2012

All meetings are held in Room 509 in the Arts Hall
June 5, 2012AgendaMeeting Minutes
April 10, 2012AgendaMeeting Minutes
March 13, 2012AgendaMeeting Minutes
February 7, 2012AgendaMeeting Minutes
January 17, 2012AgendaMeeting Minutes
November 29, 2011AgendaMeeting Minutes
November 1, 2011AgendaMeeting Minutes
October 11, 2011AgendaMeeting Minutes
September 13, 2011AgendaMeeting Minutes
August 29, 2011AgendaMeeting Minutes


Minutes of meetings 2010-2011

All meetings are held in Room 509 in the Arts Hall
June 1, 2011AgendaMeeting Minutes
April 12, 2011AgendaMeeting Minutes
March 22, 2011AgendaMeeting Minutes
February 8, 2011AgendaMeeting Minutes
January 11, 2011AgendaMeeting Minutes
December 7, 2010AgendaMeeting Minutes
November 16, 2010AgendaMeeting Minutes
October 12, 2010AgendaMeeting Minutes
September 21, 2010AgendaMeeting Minutes
August 31, 2010AgendaMeeting Minutes
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