Course Sequence - Joint Honours in Communication and Sociology

Joint Honours in Communication and Sociology - 120 CREDITS (4 YEARS)

Total1st year2nd year3rd year4th year
Total120 credits (40 courses)30 credits (10 courses)30 credits (10 courses)30 credits (10 courses)30 credits (10 courses)
Core Courses12 credits (4 courses)

ENG1100 Workshop in Essay Writing

PHI1101 Reasoning and Critical Thinking

3 credits from :

ENG1120 Literature and Composition I: Prose Fiction

ENG1121 Literature and Composition II: Drama and Poetry

3 credits from :

PHI1102 Moral reasoning

PHI1103 Fundamental Philosophical Questions

PHI1104 Great Philosophers

Communication48 credits (16 courses)

CMN1148 Introduction to Organizational Communication

CMN1160 Introduction to Media Studies

CMN2148 Organizational Communication

CMN2160 Theories of the Media

3 credits from :

CMN2101 Research Methods in Communication

SOC2111 Principles of Methodology

CMN3105 Media Ethics
CMN3109 Theories of Communication
3 credits from :
CMN3103 Qualitative Methods
SOC3117 Qualitative Research Laboratory
3 credits from :
CMN3102 Quantitative Methods
CMN3130 Communication Planning
SOC3142 Applied Statistical Analysis

3 course credits from list A

9 optional course credits in CMN at the 4000 level

6 optional credits in CMN

Sociology39 credits (13 courses)

SOC1101 Principles of Sociology

ANT2108 Fieldwork

SOC2112 Classical Sociological Theories

3 credits from list B

6 course credits from list D

SOC3112 Theoretical Currents in Contemporary Sociology
SOC3106 Weber and Weberian Analysis
SOC3126 Marx and Marxist Analysis
SOC3136 Durkheim and Durkheimian Analysis
SOC4117 Qualitative Research Laboratory

3 course credits from list C

3 optional credits in SOC at the 4000 level

3 optional credits in SOC at the 3000 or 4000 level

6 optional credits in SOC

Electives21 credits (7 courses)

21 course credits of electives (7 courses)

3 credits = 1 course

List A

CMN4105Ethics and Information Society
CMN4148Communication and Governmental Organizations
CMN4168Communication and International Development
CMN4185Political Economy of the Media

List B

SOC2101Sociological Approaches to Health, Illness and Medicine
SOC2103Socio-anthropology of the Family
SOC2104Women, Men and Society
SOC2107Principles of Demography
SOC2113Techniques, Cultures and Environments
SOC2114Diversity: History, Issues, and Challenges
SOC2151Globalization: Sociological and Anthropological Aspects
SOC2300Analysis of Scientific Thought
SOC2309Canadian Society
SOC2312Political Sociology
SOC2708Sociologie des communautés francophones en situation minoritaire du Canada

List  C

SOC4103Sociology of Populations
SOC4104Family, Life Trajectories, and Society
SOC4121Ethnic and National Questions
SOC4127Contemporary Analysis of Migration
SOC4135Local and Global Economic Relations
SOC4144Social Change
SOC4303The Knowledge Society and Social Organization
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