Course Sequence - Minor in Aboriginal Studies

A minor may be taken as the second program of an honours bachelor with major and minor, an honours bachelor with specialization and minor, or an honours bachelor’s (multidisciplinary) offered by the faculties of Arts, Engineering, Science, Social Sciences and Health Sciences. It may also be taken as a first program in a three-year General Bachelor of Arts with Minor.

Minor in Aboriginal Studies - 30 CREDITS

EAS1101Introduction to Aboriginal Societies and Cultures3
EAS2101Colonialism and Indigenous Peoples3
HIS2307History of the Native Peoples in Canada, from the origins to the present3
6 optional credits at the 3000 level and above from the list of optional courses
15 optional credits from the list of optional courses

List of optional courses

Other courses may be selected in consultation with the Program Coordinator
ANT2126Native Peoples of the Americas3
ANT3326Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights, International Perspectives3
ART3354Inuit and Amerindian Art3
CDN3100Histories and Perceptions of History in Canada3
EAS3101Research and Methodologies in Aboriginal Studies3
EAS3102Selected topics in Aboriginal Studies3
EAS4101Fieldwork and Directed Research in Aboriginal Studies3
EAS4102Contemporary Indigenous Political Thought3
EAS4103Seminar in Aboriginal Studies3
ENG3381Native Writing in Canada3
FEM3108Indigenous Feminisms and Aboriginal Women's Issues3
GEG2109Canada and its Regions3
GEG3107Geography of Polar Regions3
GEG3309Social Landscapes of Métis Communities3
HIS2130The Peopling of North America3
HIS3109Selected Topics in Native History3
LIN2301Aboriginal Language3
LIN2302Aboriginal Language: Structure Analysis3
POL3159Indigenous Politics in Canada3
SRS2115Religious Ways of the Aboriginal Peoples3
SRS3119Shamanic Traditions3
SRS3191Sociology of Religious and Cultural Pluralism3
SRS3194Anthropological Theories in Inter-Cultural and Inter-Religious Issues3
SVS3555Service social auprès des populations autochtones3
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