Course Sequence - Minor in Écriture et Style

A good command of French will boost the marks of any undergraduate student, and upon graduation, nearly every position will include a writing component. Since today’s organizations are unlikely to have secretarial services at their disposal, and even the best spell checking software cannot spot every error, employers will require graduates to write well in French. Indeed, language skills will often be the factor that allows a candidate to stand out from others.

The minor in écriture et style offered by the Département de français includes a full range of courses in French grammar and composition. This minor is for students who want to hone their written communication skills in French, not only to improve their academic performance but also to maximize their career potential; the only prerequisite is having the possibility of including a minor in their undergraduate degree.



  • Minor in Écriture et style

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is French. All assignments and examinations must be presented or written in French.


Opportunities include careers in:

This degree prepare students to excel in positions where written language is crucial, for example communications, teaching, theatre, management, policital science, etc. It is also excellent preparation for graduate studies.

What can I do with my studies?

( is a tool that provides information on career opportunities for students with a minor in Écriture et style.

A minor may be taken as the second program of an honours bachelor with major and minor, an honours bachelor with specialization and minor, or an honours bachelor’s (multidisciplinary) offered by the faculties of Arts, Engineering, Science, Social Sciences and Health Sciences. It may also be taken as a first program in a three-year General Bachelor of Arts with Minor.

Minor in Écriture et Style

FRA2520Grammaire pratique3
FRA2549Contraction et synthèse de textes3
FRA2555Rédaction pratique3
FRA2789Grammaire d’aujourd’hui3
FRA3550Communication écrite3
FRA3599Langue, expression et style3
FRA3748Écriture et persuasion3
9 elective FRA credits
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