Course Sequence - Minor in Environmental Studies

A minor may be taken as the second program of an honours bachelor’s with major and minor, an honours bachelor’s with specialization and minor, or an honours bachelor’s (multidisciplinary) offered by the faculties of Arts, Engineering, Social Sciences and Health Sciences. It may also be taken as a first program in a three-year General Bachelor of Arts with Minor.

Minor in Environmental Studies - 30 CREDITS

At least 6 credits specific to the program must be taken in the second language

BIO1530Introduction to Organismal Biology3
ENV1501Global Environmental Challenges3
GEG1701The Physical Environment3
ENV2504Méthodes de recherche en géographie et études environnementales3
PHI2798Environmental Ethics3
ENV321Geographical Approaches to Environmental Issues3
12 optional credits

List of optional courses

3 credits from :
CHM1100Chemistry and the Human Environment3
PHY1703Physique et environnement3
3 credits from :
ECO2121Economics of Globalization3
POL1102Politics and Globalization3
6 credits from :
ENV2301History of Environmental Thought3
ENV3101Legal context of Environmental Thought3
GEG3107Geography of Polar Regions3
GEG3302Natural Resource Management3
GEG3303Health Geography3
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