Course Sequence - Minor in Music


A minor may be taken as the second program of an honours bachelor’s with major and minor, an honours bachelor’s with specialization and minor, or an honours bachelor’s (multidisciplinary) offered by the faculties of Arts, Engineering, Social Sciences and Health Sciences. It may also be taken as a first program in a three-year General Bachelor of Arts with Minor.


MUS1303Materials of Music I3
21 optional MUS credits
6 optional MUS credits at the 3000 or 4000 level

List of optional courses

Suggested courses without prerequisites:
MUS1301Topics in Music Appreciation I3
MUS1302Topics in Music Appreciation II3
MUS2310Music in the Movies3
MUS2324Selected Topics in Musical Aesthetics and Criticism3
MUS2371Introduction to Music and Science3
MUS2382Introduction to World Music3
MUS2901Chorale communautaire / Community Singing3
MUS3110Music Education I3
MUS3111Music Education II3
MUS3305Music and Critical Thought3
MUS3308Popular Music in Society3
MUS4110Music Education III3

1 Students who have completed RCMT grade 2 theory with a grade higher than 75% may be exempted from this course.

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