Atelier CoFab - Now Open!

Posted on Friday, December 22, 2017

Atelier CoFab - Coming soon!

The Department of Visual Arts is proud to announce the opening of the Atelier CoFab | Arts Makerspace. This space, located on the second floor of the Department of Visual Art, 100 Laurier, is a shared Faculty of Arts space that focuses on the intersection between art and digital technology.

Organized loosely around the idea of the makerspace, the Atelier CoFab | Arts Makerspace will have multiple 3D printers, an electronics lab as well as 10 iMacs (27’’) outfitted with the complete Adobe CC suite, Final Cut Pro X, visual programing software and virtual reality production tools.

The space will let students experiment with cutting edge technologies either in class, on their own time or as part of structured workshops.  This exciting new space is just the first step in a larger initiative to integrate innovative technologies into the creative process forming a new understanding of how art is conceptualized and produced in the digital age. 

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