Special students at the Faculty of Arts



Definition of a Special Student (Undergraduate level)

Special students are students allowed by the University to register for undergraduate courses, for credit or as auditors, without seeking a degree, diploma or a certificate from the University.

Please visit the general regulations for additional information regarding:

  • Admission requirements
  • Special student categories
  • Restrictions
  • General regulations
  • Registration procedures
  • Course changes or cancellation of registration
  • Academic Records
  • Student identification card

Where to register?

Students who wish to register to courses of the Faculty of Arts as special students must present themselves at the following locations, according to the special student categories to which they will be requesting:

  • Personal interest and Improving academic standing: On August 23rd, registration will take place at Tabaret Hall, room 112, 75 Laurier Avenue East
  • Transfer of credits, upgrading, professional certification, auditors or Carleton University Exchange: Register in person at the Office of Undergraduate Studies of the Faculty of Arts (Simard Hall, 60 University, room 128).

BE READY: Steps to follow in order to accelerate your registration

  • Prepare a list of courses you wish to register for; the course code and section must be included (each section corresponds to a specific schedule);
  • Verify the schedule of courses to prevent conflicts;
  • Ensure that you have completed or are currently completing prerequisite courses;
  • Have with you all pertinent documents (official transcript, letter of permission, etc.);
  • If you are a new special student at uOttawa (you have never registered for a course at uOttawa or Saint-Paul University, nor have you studied at either university), please begin the registration process by filling out the personal identification form for special students (undergraduate);
  • Have completed and signed the appropriate form Registration (PDF).

All English as a Second Language (ESL) and French as a Second Language (FLS) courses are open to Special Students, as long as there is room available.  Students interested in registering for one of our Second Language courses must complete the placement test at the following address: http://www.olbi.uottawa.ca/ESL-FLS

All courses offered by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures are open to Special Students, as long as there is room available.  Students interested in registering for one of our Modern Languages and Literatures courses must complete the placement test.

Note to Auditors: To register for a course as an auditor, students must obtain written approval from the professor (email).  Please have this in hand upon registration.  The Faculty of Arts reserves the right to refuse registration to auditors in the case of language courses and courses with a practical component.

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