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Andrew Taylor


Member of the Canadian Society of Medievalists (past president), the Medieval Academy of America, and the New Chaucer Society

Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and thereby authorized to supervise theses.


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My research concentrates on the ways in which texts reached their audience or readers in medieval England, that is, on the history of reading, especially leisure and contemplative reading, and on the history of minstrel performance.

University degrees

1989 – PhD Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
1981 – MA Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
1979 – BA English, Queen’s University, Kingston

Fields of interest

  • Middle English
  • History of Reading
  • Medieval Minstrel Performance


2012 Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Arts, University of Ottawa

2011 Professor, Department of English, University of Ottawa
2002 Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Ottawa
2001 Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Ottawa
1999 Associate Professor of English, University of Saskatchewan (tenured July 2000)
1997 Assistant Professor of English (tenure stream), University of Saskatchewan
1994 Assistant Professor of English (tenure stream), Northern Kentucky University
1993 Mellon postdoctoral fellow, University of Pennsylvania
1989 Assistant Professor of English (sessional contract), Trent University

Scholarly and professional activities

I have served as Secretary-Treasurer and President of the Canadian Society of Medievalists 2007 and was a representative for the society at the inaugural meeting of CARMEN (Co-operative for the Advancement of Research through a European Network) and for discussion of SSHRC restructuring in 2004.

Since 2005 I have been a Member of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

In 1999 I served on the Affirmative Action Committee for the College of Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan, and as liaison for the Muskoday First Nation University Readiness Program


Textual Situations selected for the University of Illinois List of Best Scholarship in the Recent Past (one of five books in Intellectual and Cultural History since 1994).

Selected publications


The Songs and Travels of a Tudor Minstrel: Richard Sheale, 1558. York Medieval Press, 2012.

Textual Situations: Three Medieval Manuscripts and Their Readers. University of Pennsylvania Press. December, 2002.

Books edited

The Canterbury Tales. Eds. Robert Boenig and Andrew Taylor. Broadview, 2009.

The Future of the Page. Eds. Peter Stoicheff and Andrew Taylor. University of Toronto Press, 2004.

The Idea of the Vernacular: An Anthology of Late Middle English Literary Theory, 1280-1520. Edited with Ruth Evans, Nicholas Watson, and Jocelyn Wogan-Browne. Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999.

The Tongue of the Fathers: Gender and Ideology in Medieval Latin. Edited with David Townsend. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1998.

Book chapters

"Oral Performance and the Force of the Law: Taillefer at Hastings and Antgulilibix in Smithers." Truth and Tales: Cultural Mobility and Medieval Media. Ed. Fiona Somerset and Nicholas Watson. Ohio State University Press, 2015: 257-74.

"The Chivalric Miscellany: Classifying John Paston's "Grete Booke"." Insular Books: Vernacular Miscellanies in Late Medieval Britain. Ed. Margaret Connolly and Raluca Radulescu. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2015, Proceedings of the British Academy, 201: 143-56.

"Performing the Percy Folio." Editing , Performance, Texts. New Practices in Medieval and Early Modern English Drama. Ed. Jacqueline Jenkins and Julie Sanders, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014: 70-89.

"Displaying Privacy: Margaret of York as Devotional Reader." Instructing the Soul, Feeding the Spirit and Awakening the Passion. Cultures of Religious Reading in the Late Middle Ages. Ed. Sabrina Corbellini and Margaret Hoogvliet, Brepols, 2013: 275-95.

"The Time of an Anthology." Collections in Context. Ed. Karen Fresco and Anne. D. Hedeman, Ohio State University Press, 2011: 120-33.

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"Courage and Sexual Anxiety in Sir Thomas Gray's Scalacronica", The Hero Recovered: Essays on Medieval Heroism in Honor of George Clark, Ed. James Weldon and Robin Waugh, University of Western Michigan, Medieval Institute Publications, 2010, pp. 188-207.

""Her Y spelle": The Evocation of Minstrel Performance in a Hagiographical Context." Text and Context in Bodleian Library Ms. Laud Misc. 108. Ed. Kimberley K. Bell and Julie Nelson Couch, Brill, 2010: 71-86.

"The French Self-Presentation of an English Mastiff: John Talbot's Book of Chivalry.” Language and Culture in Medieval Britain: The French of England, c. 1100-c. 1500. Ed. Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, et al., Woodbridge Suffolk, Brewer, 2009: 444-56.

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“Translation, Censorship, Authorship, and the Lost Works of Reginald Pecock.” The Politics of Translation in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Ed. Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Luise von Flotow, and Daniel Russell. University of Ottawa Press, 2001: 143-60.

“Chivalric Conversation and the Denial of Male Fear.” Conflicted Identities and Multiple Masculinities: Men in the Medieval West. Ed. Jacqueline Murray. Garland Press. 1999: 169-88.

“The Curious Eye and the Alternate Endings of the Canterbury Tales.”Part Two: Defining the Sequel. Ed. Paul Budra and Betty A. Schellenberg. University of Toronto Press. 1998: 34-52.

“Second Ajax: Peter Abelard and the Violence of Dialectic.”The Tongue of the Fathers. Ed. David Townsend and Andrew Taylor: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1998: 14-34.

“Songs of Praise and Blame and the Repertoire of the Gestour.” The Entertainer in Medieval and Traditional Culture. Ed. Flemming Andersen,Thomas Pettitt, and Rheinhold Schröder. Odense University Press, 1997: 47-72.

“Into His Secret Chamber: Reading and Privacy in Late Medieval England.” The Practice and Representation of Reading in England. Ed. James Raven, Helen Small, and Naomi Tadmor. Cambridge University Press, 1996: 41-61.

“Reading the Dirty Bits.” Desire and Discipline: Sex and Sexuality in the Pre-Modern West. Ed. Konrad Eisenbichler and Jacqueline Murray. University of Toronto Press, 1996: 280-95.

“Playing on the Margins of the Book: Bakhtin and the Smithfield Decretals.” Medieval Voices: Bakhtin and Medieval Literature. Ed. Thomas Farrell. University of Florida Press, 1995: 2-25.


Courage and Sexual Anxiety in Sir Thomas Gray’s Scalacronica.” The Hero Recovered: Essays on Medieval Heroism in Honor of George Clark. Ed. James Weldon and Robin Waugh. Medieval Institute Publications, University of Western Michigan. Forthcoming in 2007.

Journal articles

"Experiencing Authority, Confronting the Cool: Bringing Medieval Book History into the Classroom." SMART, 19.1 (2012): 15-23.

Godfried Croenen, Kristen Figg, and Andrew Taylor, "Authorship, Patronage, and Literary Gifts: The Books Froissart Brought to England in 1395." Journal of the Early Book Society 11 (2008): 1-42.

"Bodleian MS Ashmole 48 and the Ballad Press." English Manuscript Studies, 1100-1700, 14 (2008): 221-45.

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“Was Grossesteste the Father of English Literature?” Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses 47 (2003) : 73-86.

“Was There a Song of Roland?” Speculum 76 (January 2001): 28-65.

“The Dates of the Reading Calendar and the Summer Canon.” With Alan Coates. Notes and Queries, 243 (New Series 45), No. 1. March 1998: 22-24.

“Anne of Bohemia and the Making of Chaucer.” Studies in the Age of Chaucer 19 (1997): 95-119.

“The Harper Richard Sheale and the Stanley Poem.” Leeds Studies in English New Series 28 (1997): 1-23.

“Reading the Body in the Le Livre de Seyntz Medecines.” Essays in Medieval Studies 11 (The Body in Medieval Art, History, and Literature). Proceedings of the Illinois Medieval Association, 1994. Ed. Allen J. Frantzen and David A. Robertson: 103-18.

“Chaucer Our Derridean Contemporary?” Exemplaria 5 (1993): 471-86. “The Sounds of Chivalry: Lute Song and Harp Song for Sir Henry Lee.”Journal of the Lute Society of America 25 (1992): 1-24.

“Fragmentation, Corruption, and Minstrel Narration: The Question of the Middle English Romances.” The Yearbook of English Studies 22 (1992): 38-62.

“The Myth of the Minstrel Manuscript.” Speculum 66 (1991): 43-73.

“To Pleye a Pagyn of the Devyl”: Turpiloquium and the Scurrae in Early Drama.” Medieval English Theatre 11 (1989): 162-74

Theses supervised


Chelsea Honeyman (MA) Narrative Flexibility and Fraternal Preaching Technique in Three Canterbury Tales. (September 2003-September 2004)

Kristin Bourassa (MA) Fforto tellen alle the circumstaunces: The Royal Entries of Henry V (1413-32) and their Manuscripts. Jan. 2012 - Jan. 2013

Hannah Kilpatrick (MA) The Untouchable Past and Incomprehensible Present: Temporal Detachment and the Shaping of history in the Finshade Manuscripts.  Sep. 2007 - Nov. 2008

Felicity Maxwell (MA) Nicholas Love and the Religious Crisis in Late Medieval England.  Sep. 2006 - Sep. 2008

Danny Gorny (PhD) Reading Robert Thornton's Library: Romance and nationalism in Lincoln Cathedral Library MS 91 and British Library MS Additional 31042,  Sep. 2008 - Oct. 2013

Reginald Webber (PhD) The Metrics of John Lydgate.  Sep. 2002 - Sep. 2007

Anna Miln (PhD) Locating the Borders of Heresy in Fourteenth-Century Literature. Winner of the John Charles Polyani Prize, 2010 for outstanding researchers in the early stages of their career,  Jan. 2001 - Jan. 2007

In progress

Angelina Costain (PhD) George Hickses's Contribution to Anglo-Saxon Scholarship. Jan. 2010 -

Krista Murchison (PhD)  The Development of Manuals for Penitents in England, 1150-1400.  Sep. 2009 -

Geneviève Hammer (PhD) Étude, par les Manières de langage des liens existant entre le français langue étrangère et le francais langue de culture dans l’Angleterre du XV è siècle.  Sep. 2006 -

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