Full Professor, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics

1981 – PhD, Géographie, Université de Montréal
1972 – MS, Géographie, Université de Lyon
1971 – BA, Géographie, Université de Lyon

SMD 05

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 1050

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Bernard Lauriol


Courses taught

  • GEG 1701 Environnement Physique

  • GEG 2701 Géomorphologie

  • GEG 4726 Thème choisi en géographie physique

Selected publications

Utting, N., Lauriol, B., Mochnacz N., Aeschbach-Hertig W., Clark, I.D. 2013. Noble gas and isotope geochemistry in western Canadian Arctic watersheds: tracing groundwater recharge in permafrost terrain Hydrogeology Journal, 21: 79-91 ( Publié dans le numéro special: Hydrogeology of Cold Regions)

Utting, N., Clark, I.D., Lauriol, B., Wieser, M. and Aeschbach-Hertig W. Origin and flow dynamics of perennial groundwater in continuous permafrost terrain using isotopes and noble gases: cas study of the Fishing Branch River, Northern Yukon, Canada. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, 23: 91-106

Utting, N., Clark, I.D., Lauriol, B., Weiser, M. 2012. Origin and flow dynamics of perennial groundwater in continuous permafrost terrain, using isotopes and noble gas : a study on the Fishing Branch River, Northern Yukon, Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, -(Sous presse) : 11-0015.R

Lacelle, D., Radtke, K., Clark, ID., Fisher, D., Lauriol, B., Utting, N., Whyte, LG. 2011. Geomicrobiology and occluded O2-CO2-Ar analyses provide evidence of microbial respiration in ancient terrestrial ground ice bodies. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 306, 46-54.

St-Jean, M., Clark, ID, Lauriol, B., Lacelle, D., Zdanowicz, C. 2011. Investigation of ice wedge infilling processes using stable O-H isotopes, crystallography and occluded gases (O2, N2, Ar). Permafrost and Periglacial Processes 22, 49-64.

Lauriol B., Lacelle, D., St-Jean, M., Clark I.D. and Zazula, G. 2010.  Late Quaternary paleoenvironments and growth of intrusive ice revealed by a thaw slump in the Eagle River Valley, northern Yukon, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. 47: 941-955.

Cumbaa, S., Lauriol, B, Noel, A., Ross, M., and Mott, R. 2010 A new whitefish from the early Pleistocene of Bluefish Basin , Yukon Territory, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. 47: 221-235.

Kennedy, K.E., Froese, D.G., Zazula, G.D., and Lauriol, B. 2010 LGM age for the northwest Laurentide maximum from the Eagle River spillway and braid delta complex, northern Yukon. Quaternary Sciences Reviews. 19: 1288-1300

St-Jean, M., Lauriol, B, Clark, I.D, Lacelle, D., and Zdanowicz, C. 2010. Understanding the filling process in ice wedges using crystallography, stable O-H isotopes and gas composition  (O2, N2, Ar). Permafrost and Periglacial Processes. DOI: 10.1002/PPP680.

Lacelle, D., Bjornson, J., Lauriol, B. 2010. Climatic and erosional controls affecting contemporary (1950-2004) retrogressive thaw slump activities in the Willow River valley, Richardson Mountains, NWT., Canada. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes 21: 1-15 – DOI:10.1002/PPP666.

Denis Lacelle, Melanie St-Jean, Bernard Lauriol, Ian D. Clark, Antoni Lewkowicz, Duane G. Froese, Stephen C. Kuehn, Grant Zazula. 2009. Burial and preservation of a 30,000 year old perennial snowbank in Red Creek valley, Ogilvie Mountains, central Yukon, Canada. Quaternary Science Reviews 28 (2009): 3401-3413.

Pellerin, A., Lacelle, D.,Clark, I.D., Lauriol, B., Fortin, D. 2009. Microbial diversity in endostromatolites and the surrounding landscape, Haughton impact crater, Devon Island, Canada. Astrobiology. Volume 9, Number 9.

Lacelle, D., Lauriol, B., Clark, I.D. 2009. Formation of seasonal cave ice and associated cryogenic carbonates in Caverne de l'Ours, Québec, Canada. Kinetic isotope effects and pseudo-biogenic crystal structures. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies, v. 71, no. 1, p. 48-62.

Labrecque, S., Lacelle, D., Duguay, C.R., Lauriol, B., Hawkings, J. S. 2009. Contemporary (1951-2001) evolution of lakes in the Old Crow region, northern Yukon : remote sensing, numerical modelling and stable isotope analysis: Climatic or geomorphological effects? Arctic, 62 (2) : 225-238.

Lauriol, B., Lacelle, D., Labrecque, S., Duguay, C.R., Telka, 2009.  Holocene evolution of  lakes in the Bluefish Basin, northern Yukon. Arctic 62 (1) : 212-214.

Lacelle, D., Pellerin, A. Clark, I.D., Lauriol, B., Fortin, D. 2009. (Micro)morphological, inorganic, and organic isotope geochemistry and microbial populations in endostromatolites (cf. fissure calcretes), Haughton impact crater, Devon Island, Canada.: the influence of geochemiocal pathways on the preservation of isotopic biomarkers. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 281 : 202-214.

Kinnard, C. Koerner, R.M., Zdanowicz, C., Fisher, D., Zheng J., Sharp, M,.J., Nicholson, L. and Lauriol, B. 2008. Stratigraphic analysis of an ice core from the Prince of Wales Icefield, Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada, using digital image analysis: high-resolution density, past summer warmth reconstruction, and melt effect on ice core solid conductivity. Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 113, D24120.

Lacelle, D., Juneau, V. , Pellerin, A., Lauriol, B., Clark, ID. 2008.  Weathering regime and geochemical evolution in a polar desert environment, Haughton impact structure region, Devon Island, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 45: 1139-1157.

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Clark, I.D., Lauriol, B., Marshner, M., Sabourin, N., Chauret, Y., Desrocher, A. 2004. Endostromatolites from permafrost karst, Yukon, Canada: paleoclimatic proxies for the Holocene hypsithermal, Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 41: 387-399.

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Lacelle, D., Bjornson, J., Lauriol, B., Clark, I.D., Troutet, Y. 2004. Segregated-intrusive ice of subglacial meltwater origin in retrogressive thaw-flow headwalls, Richardson Mountains, NWT, Canada. Quaternary Sciences Reviews, 23: 681-696. 

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Lauriol, B., Cabana, Y., Cinq-Mars, J., Geurts, M.A., Grimm, W.T. 2001. Cliff-top eolian deposits and associated molluscan assemblages as indicators of Late Pleistocene and Holocene environments in Beringia. Quaternary International 87, 59-79.

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Lamirande, I., Lauriol, B., Lalonde A.E., Clark, I.D. 1999. La production de limon sur les terrasses de cryoplanation dans les monts Richardson. Journal Canadien des Sciences de la Terre 36: 1645-1654.

Lauriol, B., Clark.I..D. 1999. Fissure calcretes in the Arctic: a paleohydrologic indicator. Applied geochemistry 14: 1645-1654.

Lauriol, B., Ford, D.C., Cinq-Mars, J., Morris, W.A. 1997. The chronology of speleothem deposition in Northern Yukon and its relationship to permafrost. Canadian Journal of Earth  Science; 23:.902-911. 

Clark, I.D., Lauriol, B. 1997. Aufeis of the Firth River basin, Northern Yukon: insights to permafrost hydrogeology and karst. Arctic and Alpine Research. 29: 240-252.

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Kamylle Ali Poirier.

Fields of Interest

  • Underground ice
  • Karst geomorphology
  • Quaternary of eastern Beringia (northern Yukon)
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