Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies
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Gain a deeper understanding of our world! Our programs provide you with a holistic and multi-faceted understanding of our world, and the issues our environment, people and planet face today. You’ll come out of our programs with the knowledge and hands-on skills that will make you highly employable.

We ensure you have the most useful learning experience through classes that provided computer-based geographical analysis skills and fieldwork experience in addition to conventional lectures. Learn to use technologies such as cartography and geomatics to solve geographical questions, and gain unforgettable field experience in Canada’s north and around the globe.

We also provide several options to enhance your learning experience. Study in English, in French, or both! You can also choose to participate in the CO-OP program, where you get four paid internships. You can come out of your degree with real work experience, making you much more employable and giving you a big head start on your career.

New option: Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation
The Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation option was thoughtfully crafted to cater to our makers, shakers and risk-takers!

Undergraduate Programs


Honours BA in Geography

The Honours BA in Geography aims to develop your critical thinking about our physical and human environment, and how the two interact. Students are provided with multi-faceted perspectives on the spatial dimensions of the physical and human worlds, as well as on the environmental and social issues that are affecting Canada and the World in the 21st century. Learn about climatic and environmental changes, including their social, economic and political impacts. Highly useful technologies such as computer-based mapping and data analysis are an integral part of the curriculum, as are field courses in Canada’s north and major cities.

Program Structure   |   Course Sequence

Major in Geography

The Major in Geography allows students to gain a deep understanding of the processes and changes in human and natural environments, as well as how the two spheres interact. Gain hands-on skills in computer-based mapping and analysis, and study in a fun, practical setting through our field courses. Our major program provides an overview of both physical and human geography, but provides the opportunity to stream in either direction. This major option allows you to take a second major or a minor, providing you with the opportunity to enhance your geographical skills or apply them to another discipline.

Program Structure   |   Course Sequence

Minor in Geography

The Minor in Geography provides a comprehensive overview of the processes and interactions of both human and physical environments. Enhance your main discipline with the skills to analyze our world from a spatial and holistic perspective only geography provides!

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Environmental Studies

Honours BA in Environmental Studies

The Honours BA in Environmental Studies is a bilingual and interdisciplinary program that focuses on environmental issues faced by our world, which affect our health, economy, and global ecosystem. Our program gives a foundational knowledge of biophysical scientific processes, and an in-depth understanding of the social, economic and political implications related to environmental processes and change. Understand the science-policy interface, and learn to situate the natural and social sciences in the broader frameworks of culture, humanism, environmental ethics, economic development, and politics. Students graduate with an advanced ability to critically analyze environmental problems and solutions at local, national and international scales.

Program Structure | Course Sequence

Major in Environmental Studies

The focus of the Major in Environmental Studies is on the identification of issues and solutions to major environmental problems, which are often social and political in nature. Gain a solid foundation in both natural and social sciences, as well as a song sense of the challenges and strategies involved in managing environmental problems at various scales. This program option allows you to take a second major, or add a minor program. Synthesize your knowledge of environmental issues with another discipline, or take this highly relevant field and apply it to another area of interest.

Program Structure   |   Course Sequence

Minor in Environmental Studies

Add a Minor in Environmental Studies to your main discipline to gain a deeper understanding of environmental challenges and solutions. Develop a holistic awareness of environmental issues, from an introduction to the scientific processes to a more profound base of the broader social and political implications. As a multifaceted field, environmental studies is applicable to many disciplines and will enhance your primary field of study.

Program Structure   |   Course Sequence

Geomatics and Spatial Analysis

Minor in Geomatics and Spatial Analysis

The Minor in Geomatics and Spatial Analysis allows students to develop exceptional spatial analysis and mapping skills through the use of hands-on computer technologies. Human and physical geography courses are taken to develop the ability to think critically about spatial phenomena, while core computer science courses are given to enhance the skills needed to manage and analyze spatial data.  Students acquire advanced abilities to utilize computer-based mapping technologies, including Geomatics, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing, in order to solve pressing spatial issues, both environmental and human in nature. 

Program Structure   |   Course Sequence

BSc in Physical Geography and Geomatics

Honours BSc in Physical Geography and Geomatics

New at our Department, the Honours BSc in Physical Geography and Geomatics (Co-Op option) is an interdisciplinary program that combines compulsory courses from physical geography, geomatics, computer and natural sciences. It will be accepting students starting fall 2018. Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing are core components of this program, which will provide students with skills that are in high demand in the work force and are essential for present-day geography and other disciplines. Field work is a critical component of physical geography, thus there are a two mandatory field courses, as well as several optional ones in Canada’s north or abroad. Areas of focus for this program include northern environments, climate change and spatial analysis.

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