Departmental teaching personnel committee

This committee is established under the provisions of Article 15 of the Collective Agreement. It makes recommendations concerning professors and their careers, gives advice to the chair concerning teaching loads and on any other matter when the dean requests the committee's opinion.

  • Éric Mathieu (Ex-officio)
  • Ana Arregui (2015-2017)
  • Stephen Levey (2016-2018)
  • Tania Zamuner (2016-2018)

Graduate studies committee

This committee is in charge of the master's and doctorate programs. Its responsibilities include admissions, recommendations for and administration of assistantships, modifications to programs of study, and any other duty assigned to it by the departmental assembly.

  • Ana Arregui (Chair)
  • Tania Zamuner
  • Dennis Ott
  • Andrés Salanova
  • (ADLINGA-PhD: Justin Case)
  • (ADLINGA-MA: Audrey Zhang)

Undergraduate studies committee

This committee is responsible for the management of the undergraduate programs. Duties include modifications to programs, requests for course equivalents and any other question submitted by the departmental assembly.

  • Stephen Levey (Chair)
  • Dennis Ott
  • Andrés Pablo Salanova
  • (ADELSA: Keara Boyce)

Faculty council

  • Éric Mathieu (Ex-officio)
  • Kevin McMullin (2016-2018)
  • Ian MacKay (2016-2018)
  • (ADLINGA: Basile Roussel)
  • (ADELSA: Keara Boyce / Meena Shams)

Linguistics research laboratory committee

This committee is responsible for the management of the laboratory. It is chaired by a member of the departmental assembly, who acts as laboratory director.

  • Marc Brunelle
  • Ian MacKay
  • Kevin McMullin
  • (ADLINGA: Myriam Ducos)

Ethics committee

  • Tania Zamuner (Chair)
  • Marc Brunelle
  • (ADLINGA: Ray Therrien)

    Invited lecturers committee

    • Shana Poplack
    • Dennis Ott
    • (ADLINGA-MA: Michael Maneen)
    • (ADLINGA-PhD: Andrew McKishnie)

    Representative on the Library committee of the Faculty of Arts

    This committee works in close collaboration with the Morisset Library and ensures the linguistics collection is up-to-date and meets the requirements of the various departmental programs.

    • John Jensen

    Web contact person

    • Éric Mathieu

    Hiatus Newsletter

    • Ana Arregui
    • Kevin McMullin
    • (ADLINGA: Brandon J. Fry)
    • (ADELSA: Isabelle L-Seguin / Meena Shams)
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