Graduate Students


Jumanah Abusulaiman (PhD) - semantics, syntax, syntax-semantics interface, modality, conditionals, Makkan Arabic

Abdulrahman Alamri (PhD) - psycholinguistics, phonology, Semitic morphology

Emad Alansary (PhD) - syntax, morphology, language documentation

Michèle Burkholder (PhD) - psycholinguistics, bilingualism, lexical processing, grammatical gender processing, event-related potentials

Myriam Dali (PhD) - syntax, semantics, nouns, plurals, gender, Arabic, singulative languages

Félix Desmeules-Trudel (PhD) - psycholinguistics, Phonetics and phonology, Acquisition (L1 and L2). Personal website.

Myriam Ducos (PhD) - psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, language acquisition, language loss

Daiho Kitaoka (PhD) - syntax.  Personal website.

Lyra Magloughlin (PhD) - acoustic and articulatory phonetics, laboratory phonology, sound change, language variation, individual variation, sociophonetics, speech perception

Paul Melchin (PhD) - syntax-semantics interface, argument structure, comparative nominal syntax, pronouns

Stéphanie Monette (MA) - acoustics, phonetics, bilingualism, infant language development, music and language

Mahsa Morid (PhD) - psycholinguistics, bilingualism, second language acquisition

Ivanna Richardson (PhD) -syntax, phonology, syntax-phonology interface, Southeast Asian languages, Khmer, cognitive science and cognitive science pedagogy

Suzanne Robillard (PhD) - bilingualism, language contact, minority language communities, variationist sociolinguistics, phonology, phonetics

 Basile Roussel (PhD) - sociolinguistics, language variation and change (synchronic and diachronic), grammatical variation (syntactic and morphosyntactic), language attitudes, normative prescriptions, Acadian French. Personal website

Vesela Simeonova (PhD) - syntax, semantics, pragmatics of evidentiality; Balkan languages; Turkic and Caucasian languages

Santa Vinerte (PhD) - psycholinguistics, bilingualism, bilingual cognitive control, neuroscience, logographic writing systems. Personal website

Tharanga Weerasooriya (PhD) - semantics, pragmatics, syntax, morphology, and interfaces

Ryan Winning (PhD) - sociolinguistics, morphosyntactic variation and change, language ideology, English-French contact, Canadian and Metropolitan French

RECENT ALUMNI (under construction)

Julie Alexandra Barette (MA) - field work, first nation languages of America, Baltic languages (especially Latvian), syntax, morphology, borrowings

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