Department colloquia

Colloquia in 2016-2017



Colloquia in 2015-2016

  • Sept 23: Andrew Nevins (UCL): "Tooth and Throat Singing: Mondegreens and the Decoding of Sound Structure"
  • Oct 9: Adam Ussishkin (University of Arizona): “Maltese root priming is morphological, not phonological”
  • Oct 21: Denis Bouchard (Université du Québec à Montréal): “The nature and origin of language”
  • Nov 2: Gretchen McCulloch "How to explain linguistics to a general audience" (a guest lecture for the Doctoral seminar taught by Éric Mathieu)
  • Nov 11: Rena Torres Cacoullos (Penn State University): “Code-switching: convergence no, priming yes”
  • Dec 2: Raj Singh (Carleton University): “Conjunctive scalar implicatures”
  • March 9: Erik Anonby (Carleton University): “Structural effects of contact between French and Mambay (Niger-Congo)”
  • March 30: Sarah E. Murray (Cornell University): "Evidentials and illocutionary mood in Cheyenne"
  • April 12: Lisa deMena Travis (McGill University): "The position of Out of Control morphemes in Malagasy and Tagalog"


Colloquia in 2014-2015

  • Oct 22: Daniel Siddiqi (Carleton): "On Monolistemicity and Post-Linearization Spanning"
  • Nov 7: Vincent Gracco (McGill): "Some observations on the consequences of age of acquisition on the bilingual brain"
  • Nov 21: Margaret Grant (postdoc at McGill University at the time, currently at Humboldt University, Berlin): "Processing structural and referential ambiguities" (Joint work with Brian Dillon and Shayne Sloggett (UMass Amherst))
  • Dec 09: Brock Ferguson (Northwestern University): When veps cry: Can toddlers learn novel words from linguistic contexts alone?
    Helen Buckler (University of Toronto): "Voicing alternations in the developing mental lexicon"
  • speaker
  • Feb 3: Kathleen Currie Hall (UBC): introducing the Phonological Corpus Tools software
  • Apr 15: Will Oxford (dd). Talk 1: "What are Algonquian theme signs and how do they vary?". Talk 2: "Agreement interactions in the Algonquian verb"
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