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Undergraduate program – Linguistics

Linguistics is a discipline that explores the structure of language, its role in human activity, and its relationship to the biological and psychological human organism. It is considered one of the humanities because it focuses on the relationship between human beings and language, but it is also an exact science because of its systematic explanation of the facts of language and its use of experimental methodology.

One of the great strengths of our program is to offer a training that is both rigorous and broad, and which leads not only to graduate study in the language sciences, but to a wide range of related fields, among which language teaching, speech-language pathology, audiology, cognitive science, speech and language technologies and information technology stand out in particular.

Graduate programs

Master's program

Collaborative PhD Program in Canadian Studies


You must register for the doctorate with one of the participating units (see the list below) and meet all departmental requirements.

To qualify for the pluridisciplinary program:

  • You have to have taken—or be registered for—at least one PhD-level course with Canadian content in your discipline and have a Canadian-content thesis project.
  • You must also take either CDN6910, a bilingual interdisciplinary seminar in Canadian studies or CDN6520, a French-language seminar on Canada's Francophone community. The seminar you choose counts as a partial requirement for your discipline-specific program. If you pass the seminar and successfully defend your thesis, your PhD diploma will also have “Specialization in Canadian Studies” written on it.

The interdisciplinary CDN6910 and CDN6520 seminars take place each year. Their primary objective is to foster exchanges among students who all explore Canadian reality but through different disciplinary perspectives. You have to attend each class, do a presentation at some point during the session and submit a summary report on your experience. For CDN6910, you need a working knowledge of Canada's two official languages to be eligible. In exceptional cases, doctoral students from other universities, postdoctoral fellows and Canadianists from other countries can be admitted to these seminars / to CDN6910.

The following 15 departments are participating in the doctoral program:

For more information, please consult the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Doctoral program