Associate Professor

2005 - Ph.D. Linguistics, Cornell University
1998 - M.A. Linguistics, Université de Montréal
1995 - B.A. Anthropology, Université de Montréal

MHN 429

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 1771

Work E-mail:

Marc Brunelle


Ongoing research

  • Interaction of tone and intonation.
  • Phonetic realization of phonological register in Southeast Asia.
  • Production and perception of tones, especially in East and Southeast Asia.

Courses taught

  • LIN2320 Introduction to Phonology
  • LIN2720 Introduction à la phonologie
  • LIN3720 Théorie phonologique
  • LIN5915 Phonology I
  • LIN6915 Phonology II
  • LIN7933 The Phonetics-Phonology Interface
  • LIN7933 Prosody

Selected publications

Full list

  • Brunelle, M. (2015) Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt). The Handbook of Austroasiatic Languages, P. Sidwell & M. Jenny (eds.), Brill, 909-953.
  • Brunelle, M. & J. Kirby (2015) Re-assessing tonal diversity and geographical convergence in Mainland Southeast Asia. The Languages of Mainland Southeast Asia: the state of the art, Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin, N. Enfield & B. Comrie (eds), Mouton de Gruyter, 82-100.
  • Phạm Thị Thu Hà & M. Brunelle (2014) Ngữ điệu và các tiểu từ cuối câu trong tiếng Cham Phan Rang (Intonation and sentence-final particles in Phan Rang Cham). Ngôn Ngữ, 6 (301), 57-69.
  • Brunelle, M. & Lê, T. X. (2013) Why is sound symbolism so common in Vietnamese? Grammatical Aesthetics in Southeast Asia, Jeff Williams (ed.) Cambridge University Press
  • Brunelle, M. & P. Pittayawat (2012) Phonologically-constrained change: The role of the foot in monosyllabization and rhythmic shifts in Mainland Southeast Asia, Diachronica, 22p.
  • Brunelle, M. (2012) Dialect experience and perceptual integrality in phonological registers: fundamental frequency, voice quality and the first formant in Cham, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 131, 4, 3088-3102.
  • Brunelle, M., Hạ K.P. & M. Grice (2012) Intonation in Northern Vietnamese, The Linguistic Review, 29, 3-36.
  • Brunelle, M., Nguyễn D. D. & Nguyễn K. H. (2010) A Laryngographic and Laryngoscopic Study of Northern Vietnamese Tones. Phonetica, 67:147-169.
  • Brunelle, M. (2009) Tone Perception in Northern and Southern Vietnamese, Journal of Phonetics, 37,1: 79-96.
  • Brunelle, M. (2008) Diglossia, Bilingualism, and the Revitalization of Written Eastern Cham, Language Documentation and Conservation, 2,1: 28-46.

Fields of Interest

  • Phonology
  • Phonetics
  • Tones and registers
  • Language Contact
  • Linguistic Documentation
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