Retired Professor

1976 – Ph.D., Experimental Phonetics, University of Cincinnati
1991 – M.A., Speech-Language Pathology, University of Cincinnati
1972 – M.A., Linguistics, University of British Columbia
1971 – B.A., Linguistics, University of British Columbia

Work E-mail: imackay@uOttawa.ca


Ongoing research

  • Book on speech acoustics
  • L2 Phonological acquisition

Courses taught

  • LIN7930: Second Language Phonological Acquisition
  • LIN4326 / LIN4726: Speech Acoustics / Acoustique de la parole
  • LIN4325 / LIN4725: Speech Production / Production de la parole
  • LIN3325 / LIN3725: Phonetics / Phonétique
  • LIN5902: Laboratory Techniques: Software, Signals and Stimuli

Selected publications

MacKay, I.R.A., J. Flege & S. Imai (2006) Evaluating the effects of chronological age and sentence duration on degree of perceived foreign accent. Applied Psycholinguistics 27: 157–183.

Flege, J., I. R. A. MacKay & S. Imai (2005) Accounting for age effects on overall degree of foreign accent in a second language. Manuscript submitted for publication.

MacKay, I. R. A. & J. Flege (2004) Effects of the age of second-language (L2) learning on the duration of L1 and L2 sentences: The role of suppression. Applied Psycholinguistics 25: 373-396.

Flege, J. & I. R. A. MacKay (2004) Perceiving vowels in a second language. Studies in Second Language Acquisition 26: 1–34.

Flege, J., C. Schirru & I. R. A. MacKay (2003) Interaction between the native and second language phonetic subsystems. Speech Communication 40: 467-491.

Flege, J., I. R. A. MacKay & T. Piske (2002) Assessing bilingual dominance. Applied Psycholinguistics 23: 567-598.

Fields of Interest

  • General phonetics
  • Acoustic phonetics
  • Phonological acquisition of second languages
  • Science of Speech
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