Distinguished University Professor. Canada Research Chair in Linguistics

1979 - Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania
1971 - M.A., Linguistics and French Literature, New York University
1968 - B.A., Romance Languages, Queens College, The City University of New York

MHN 422

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 1764

Work E-mail:

Shana Poplack


Canada Research Chair in Linguistics.

Ongoing research

  • Language contact and change in Canada's official languages (SSHRC Insight Grant #435-2012-1696)
  • The role of the school in impeding linguistic change (SSHRC #410-2005-2108)
  • Linguistic consequences of bilingualism: borrowing, code-switching and structural convergence (Canada Research Chair)

Courses taught: (since 2006)

  • LIN 3342: Sociolinguistics
  • LIN 4997: Topics in Linguistics: R the media ruining English?
  • LIN 5924, 7913: Research in Sociolinguistics (rotating topics)
  • LIN 7911: Grammaticalization
  • LIN 7942: Sociolinguistics II

Selected publications (since 2006)

Articles and chapters:

Poplack, Shana & Torres Cacoullos, Rena (To appear) A variationist paradigm for linguistic emergence. In MacWhinney, Brian & O'Grady, William (eds.) The Handbook of Language Emergence. Wiley-Blackwell.

Poplack, Shana, Lealess, Allison & Dion, Nathalie (In Press) The evolving grammar of the subjunctive. Probus 25, 1 (Special 25th anniversary issue).

Poplack, Shana & Dion, Nathalie (2012) Myths and facts about loanword development. Language Variation and Change 24, 3. 279-315.

Poplack, Shana, Zentz, Lauren & Dion, Nathalie (2012) What counts as (contact-induced) change. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 15, 2. 247-254.

Poplack, Shana, Zentz, Lauren & Dion, Nathalie (2012) Phrase-final prepositions in Quebec French: An empirical study of contact, code-switching and resistance to convergence. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 15, 2. 203-225.

Poplack, Shana (2012). What does the Nonce Borrowing Hypothesis hypothesize? Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 15, 3. 644-648.

Poplack, Shana & Levey, Stephen (2011) Variabilité et changement dans les grammaires en contact. In Martineau, France & Nadasdi, Terry (eds.) Le français en contact : hommages à Raymond Mougeon, collection « Les Voies du français ». Québec: Presses de l'Université Laval. 247-280.

Poplack, Shana (2011) A variationist perspective on grammaticalization. In Heine, Bernd & Narrog, Heiko (eds.) Handbook of Grammaticalization. Oxford. 209-224.

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Poplack, Shana & Dion, Nathalie (2009) Prescription vs praxis: The evolution of future temporal reference in French. Language 85, 3. 557-587.

Hruschka, Daniel, Christiansen, Morten, Blythe, Richard, Croft, William, Heggarty, Paul, Mufwene, Salikoko, Pierrehumbert, Janet & Poplack, Shana (2009) Building Social Cognitive Models of Language Change. Trends in Cognitive Science 13, 11. 464-469.

Poplack, Shana (2008) Quebec English. Special issue of Anglistik International Journal of English Studies, Focus on Canadian English 19, 2. 189-200.
Poplack, S. (2007) Foreword. In J. Beal, K. Corrigan & H. Moisl, H. eds. Creating and digitizing language corpora. Houndmills : Palgrave-Macmillan. ix-xiii.

Malvar, E. & S. Poplack (2008) O presente e o passado do futuro no Português do Brasil. In S. Votre & C. Roncarati, eds. Anthony Julius Naro e a Lingüística no Brasil : Uma homenágem académica. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Press.

Poplack, S. & E. Malvar (2007) Elucidating the transition period in linguistic change. Probus 19: 121-169.

Poplack, S. & A. St-Amand (2007) A real-time window on 19th century vernacular French: The Récits du français québécois d'autrefois. Language In Society 36.5: 707-734.

Poplack, S., J. Walker & R. Malcolmson (2006) An English "like no other"?: Language contact and change in Quebec. Canadian Journal of Linguistics 51: 185-213.

Poplack, S. (2006) Modeling linguistic change: The past and the present of the future in Brazilian Portuguese. In F. Hinskens, ed. Language variation. European perspectives. Amsterdam / Philadelphia: Benjamins. 169-199.

Poplack, S. (2006) How English became African American English. In A. van Kemenade & B. Los, eds. in The Handbook of the History of English. Oxford: Blackwell. 452-476.

Elsig, M. & S. Poplack (2006) Transplanted dialects and language change: question formation in Québec. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics 12 (2): 77-90.

Fields of Interest

  • Linguistic variation and change
  • Constraints on language mixing
  • Language contact and linguistic convergence
  • The genesis of African American Vernacular English
  • Language ideology, normative prescription and praxis
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