Associate Professor

2003 - Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Groningen
1998 - M.Sc. Psycholinguistics, University of Alberta
1995 - B.A. Linguistics, McGill University

MHN 439

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 1763

Work E-mail:

Laura Sabourin


Ongoing research

  • The neural organization of the bilingual brain
  • Grammatical gender processing in L2 speakers of Dutch
  • The development of sentence processing in 3-5 year old

Courses taught

  • LIN3350/3750 Psycholinguistics/Psycholinguistique
  • LIN3355 Second Language Acquisition
  • LIN3358 Communication Disorders
  • LIN4391/7910 A comparison of first and second language processing
  • LIN7901 Introduction to Psycholinguistics

Selected publications

SABOURIN, L. (in press). Neuroimaging and second language research. Second Language Research,

SABOURIN, L. & STOWE, L.A. (2008) Second language processing: When are L1 and L2 processed similarly. Second Language Research. 24(3), 397-430.

SABOURIN, L. & STOWE, L.A. (2008). Neurobiology of language learning. In B. Spolsky & F.M. Hult (Eds). Handbook of Educational Linguistics. 27-37.

SABOURIN, L. (2006). Does the "shallow-structures" proposal account for qualitative differences in L1 and L2 processing. Journal of Applied Psycholinguistics. 27 (1), 81-84.

SABOURIN, L. & STOWE, L. A. (2004). Memory effects in syntactic ERP tasks. Brain & Cognition. 55, 392-395.

Fields of Interest

  • Psycholinguistics
  • First and second language processing
  • Neural organization of language
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