Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and thereby authorized to supervise theses. and Associate Professor

2005- PhD, Comparative Literature and Film Studies, University of Montréal
1995 - MA, French Studies, Cairo University
1987 - BA, French Literature, Ain Shams University

MHN 224

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 3757

Work E-mail:

Telmissany May


Ongoing research

  • Towards an Aesthetics of Transnational Cinema: the Filmmakers of the Arab Diaspora (SSHRC)
  • Arab Canadian Studies Research Group

Courses taught

  • LCM5901 - Methodology of Intercultural Research
  • ARB3101 – Arab Cinema and Visual Media
  • ARB2102 – Arab Culture II
  • ARB2103 – Pop Culture in the Arab World

Selected publications


2011 – May Telmissany, La Hara dans le Cinéma Égyptien. Quartier Populaire et Identité Nationale. Sarrebruck (Germany) : Éditions Universitaires Européennes, 205 pages.

2010 – May Telmissany and Stephanie Tara Schwartz (editors), Counterpoints: Edward Said’s Legacy. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 259 pages.

2009 – May Telmissany and Eve Gandossi (Photography by Pascal Meunier), The Last Hammams of Cairo. A Disappearing Bathhouse Culture. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 134 pages.

2008 – May Telmissany and Eve Gandossi (Photography by Pascal Meunier), Les Derniers Bains du Caire. Manosque : Le Bec en l’air, 144 pages.

2005 – Robert Solé, May Telmissany et Mercédès Volait (guest writers), Mémoires Héliopolitaines. French and Arabic edition, Cairo: El-Ahram Establishment, 213 pages.

Refereed articles and chapters in books

2014 - May Telmissany, "The Utopian and Dystopian functions of Tahrir Square" in Journal of Post Colonial Studies, no. 17:1, London: Routledge, Pp. 36-46.

2013 - May Telmissany, "Arrows of Desire: Dance and Power in Transnational Cinema" in Revue de la Méditerrannée et des mondes musulmans, no. 134, Aix-en-Provence: REMMM, Pp. 157-169

2011 – May Telmissany, “The Canadian Journey” in The Other Americas, Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics, no 31. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, Pp. 230-246.

2010 – May Telmissany, “Difference and displacement: Three Egyptian writers of the Diaspora.” In Exile and the Narrative/Poetic Imagination. Edited by Agnieszka Gutthy. London: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Pp. 27-40.

2010 – May Telmissany, “Diaspora and Displacement. Visual Narratives of al-shatat in Michel Khleifi’s Films”. In Arab Diaspora: Arts in Displacement. Special issue of the Journal of Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Volume 30 (1), January 2010, Duke University Press, Pp. 69-84.

2009 – May Telmissany, “Kippour : Le Silence et l’Oubli”, in Amos Gitai : Terre et Exile, Revue CinémAction no 131, printemps 2009. Paris: Corlet, Pp.98-103.

2009 – May Telmissany, “The Production of Knowledge on Women, Gender and Islamic Cultures in Memoirs, Autobiographies and Biographies, by Arab Women”, in the On-Line Edition of theEncyclopaedia of Women and Islamic Cultures EWIC, General Editor: Suad Joseph, Leiden: Brill. (4416 words, on-line)

2006 - May Telmissany, “Deterritorializing Desire in Deepa Mehta’s Fire”, in Lesbian Voices: Canada and the world. Literature, Cinema, Theory.  Edited by Subhash Shandra. New Delhi: Allied Publishers, Pp. 258-273.

2004 – May Telmissany, “L’espace populaire au cinéma: quel regard sur quelle ville ? ”, in Le cinéma et les restes urbains. Edited by François Jost and Pierre Perraton. Paris : Éditions L’Harmattan, Pp.217-226.

2002 – May Telmissany, “La citation filmique comme anachronisme ”, in Literatures. Cinemas CulturesEssays on Canadian Writing, no 76, Toronto, Pp. 247-262. This article is quoted in Peter Dickinson,Screening Gender, Framing Genre: Canadian Literature into Film. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007, p. 260.

2002 – May Telmissany, “Pour un cinéma mineur”, in Quelle diversité face à Hollywood?Revue Cinémaction, Hors-série, Paris : Éditions Corlet, Pp. 112-116.

2001 – May Telmissany, “Le quartier « populaire » au cinéma. Nation/vs/village planétaire”, in Sociétés et Représentations, no 12, Octobre. Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne, Pp. 363- 371.

Creative Writing

2014 - May Telmissany, A cappella (Novel). Paris: Actes Sud

2010 – May Telmissany, The Gates of Paradise (Memoirs). Cairo: Sharqyat Press.

2002 – May Telmissany, Heliopolis (Novel). Paris: Actes-Sud.

2000 – May Telmissany, Dunyazad (Novel). Paris: Actes-Sud; London: Saqi Books. Also translated into German, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch and Italian.

1998 – Mental Betrayals (Short stories). Cairo: Culture Palaces Press.

1995 – May Telmissany, Repetitive Sculptures (Short stories). Cairo: Sharqyat Press.

Translations into Arabic

2006 – Le livre ailé (Poetry), Mona Latif-Ghattas. Cairo : Éditions Dar El Nashr Horizons, 70 pages.

2005 – Momo et Loulou (Short Stories), Mona Latif-Ghattas et Louise Desjardins. Cairo : Éditions Dar El Nashr Horizons (translated in collaboration with Walid El Khachab), 107 pages

2000 – Les Grandes Écoles Esthétiques (Essays - CinémAction). Cairo: High Council of Culture Press, 217 pages.

2000 – Pourquoi Lire les Classiques (Essays - Italo Calvino). Cairo: Organisation of Cultural Palaces Press, 153 pages.

Fields of Interest

  • Arab cinema and culture
  • Intercultural relations and transnationalism
  • Cultural and Transcultural Studies
  • Literary theory
  • Film theory
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