Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and thereby authorized to supervise theses. and Professor, Department of Philosophy

PhD in Philosophy, University of Waterloo
MA, BSc, University of Toronto

DMS 8124

Bureau: 613-562-5800 ext. 3681

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Paul Rusnock


Ongoing research

  • (With Jan Sebestik) a general introduction to Bolzano's philosophy
  • Courses taught
  • PHI2170 Logic I
  • PHI3171 Logic II
  • PHI 3190 Philosophical Logic
  • PHI3382 Kant
  • PHI5341 Logic and Philosophy of Science I

Selected publications


B. Bolzano, Theory of Science, 4 Vols. Translated and with introductions by P. Rusnock and R. George (Oxford University Press, 2014)

Bernard Bolzano, Premiers écrits: Philosophie, logique, mathématique. Traduit par M. Bartzel, J. Crozier, S. Lapointe, J. Laz, D. Lelarge, C. Maigné, P. Rusnock, et J. Sebestik. Édition coordonnée par Carole Maigné et Jan Sebestik. (Paris: Vrin, 2010).

Bernard Bolzano, De la méthode mathématique; Correspondance Bolzano-Exner, traduit par C. Croizier, A. Kasabova-van Duhn, S. Lapointe, D. Lelarge, C. Maigné P. Rusnock, F. Schmitz, J. Sebestik et A. Soulez; travail collectif sous la direction de Jan Sebestik et Carole Maigné (Paris: Vrin, 2008).

B. Bolzano, Selected Writings on Ethics and Politics, translated and with an introduction by P. Rusnock and R. George (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2007).

Bernard Bolzano, On the Mathematical Method and Correspondence with Exner, translated, with an introduction (pp. 5--38) by P. Rusnock and R. George (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2004). 


Bolzano's Philosophy and the Emergence of Modern Mathematics (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2000). 


"Analyticity in Kant and Bolzano,'' Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie(forthcoming).

"On Bolzano's concept of a sum,'' History and Philosophy of Logic 34 (2013) 155--169.

(With J. Sebestik) "The Beyträge at 200: Bolzano's quiet revolution in the philosophy of mathematics,'' Journal for the History of Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 1, no. 8 (2013).

"Remarks on Bolzano's conception of necessary truth,'' British Journal for the History of Philosophy 20 (2012) 817-837.

"Kant and Bolzano on logical form,'' Kant-Studien 102 (2011) 1--15.

(With M. Burke) "Etchemendy and Bolzano on logical consequence,''History and Philosophy of Logic 31 (2010) 3-29.

(With Rolf George) "Bolzano's Political Philosophy,'' in M. Textor ed.The Austrian Contribution to Analytic Philosophy (London: Routledge, 2006), pp. 264--292 

(With Angus Kerr-Lawson) "Bolzano and Uniform Continuity," Historia Mathematica 32 (2005) 303-311. 

P. Rusnock, "Was Kant's philosophy of mathematics right for its time?''  Kantstudien 95 (2004) 426-442 

"Bolzano and the traditions of analysis,'' in Bolzano and Analytic Philosophy ed. W. Künne, M. Siebel and M. Textor (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1998); also in Grazer philosophische Studien 53(1997)61-85.

"Remaking mathematics: Bolzano reads Lagrange,'' Acta Analytica 18 (1997) 51-72.

(With R. George) "A last shot at Kant and incongruent counterparts,''Kantstudien 86 (1995) 257--277.

Fields of Interest

  • Bolzano
  • Histoire et philosophie des mathématiques et logique
  • Histoire de la philosophie depuis 1650
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