Cross-Appointed Professor, School of Information Studies

1994 – MA in English Literature, University of Ottawa
1986 – MLIS in Library and Information Studies, McGill University
1983 – BA Hons in English and History, Carleton University

200 Lees Avenue, room E-158

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 3645

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Associate University Librarian (Collections), University of Ottawa Library

I am fortunate enough to be engaged with the world of information in two distinct ways - as a professional librarian who has management responsibility for the Acquisitions and Cataloguing sectors at the University of Ottawa Library, and as a cross-appointed faculty member who has taught courses in Collection Management and related areas since 2010. I greatly enjoy both these dimensions of my career. My academic and professional sides complement and inform each other. I love the blended view that this rich experience has given me.

I've been an academic librarian for almost 30 years and have seen major transformations in collection development and management, scholarly communications, and library partnerships on campus. We are reinventing everything, and it is quite an exciting time. I have participated in various consortial capacities involving the academic library community. I have been a member of the CRKN (Canadian Research Knowledge Network) Content Strategy Committee, and I have been involved with OCUL-IR (Ontario Council of University Libraries, Information Resources Committee) for many years. I have published numerous articles on topics that fascinate me, such as the future of reading in a digital age; how we deliver and manage collections for our patrons; how we address copyright issues in our libraries; and the role of ebooks in our libraries.

Courses taught

  • Collection Management
  • The Publishing Business
  • Information Resources Management

Selected publications

Levine-Clark, M., and Horava, T. (2016) “Current Trends in Collection Development Practices and Policies.” Collection Building 35 (4): 97-102.

Horava, T., and Ward, M. (2016) “Library Consortia and Article Processing Charges: An International Survey.” Serials Review 42 (4): 280-292.

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Fields of Interest

  • Collection management
  • Scholarly communications
  • E-books
  • Copyright issues
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