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Kevin ORR
Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and thereby authorized to supervise theses and Associate Professor, Department of Theatre

1990 – MFA in Directing, University of British Columbia
1987 – BFA with specialization in Performance, Concordia University

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Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 1258

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Kevin Orr


Kevin Orr is an associate professor in the Department of Theatre of the University of Ottawa, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate theatre courses. He holds an MFA in directing from The University of British Columbia (1990) and a BFA in performance from Concordia University (1987).

In the Fall of 2010 Kevin created Theatre 4.669 as a research vehicle to develop new plays in new ways in the Ottawa region. The ambition of the company is to tour new work in Canada and abroad.  Their first project, Bifurcate Me, was invited to both the Undercurrents and Wildside Theatre Festivals in Ottawa and Montreal respectively. Bifurcate Me was nominated for Best Direction and won Best New Creation at the 2011 Prix Rideau Awards. Other projects include We Glow which won Best Overall Production and Best Duo at the 2013 Ottawa Fringe Awards, and it was nominated for five Prix Rideau Awards winning Best New Creation in 2013. And most recently their production of Fucking Carl was awarded Outstanding Production at the 2014 Ottawa Fringe Festival, was nominated in five categories winning Best New Creation at the 2014 Prix Rideau Awards. Since its inception, Theatre 4.669 has developed 23 new works with 54 different actors, writers and theatre creators. Here is the link to Theatre 4.669's web page:

Between the Fall of 2005 and the Spring of 2007 Kevin was Artistic Director of Montreal's Repercussion Theatre. During his tenure at Repercussion, Kevin began to augment the company's large-scale summer Shakespeare in the Park event with play development and year round theatrical offerings. For Repercussion he wrote and directed Third Spacing which was performed by Jean Louis Roux, directed Greek by Steven Berkoff, which won Best Production and Best Director at the Rideau Awards 2007 as well as creating and directing adaptations of Much Ado About Nothing and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Other directing credits include: Don’t Blame the Bedouins (UofO and Magnetic North Theatre Festival, 2009), Look Back in Anger (Third Wall Theatre, 2008), Le Langue-à-langue des chiens de roche (University of Ottawa, 2004), Marriage Play and Kreskinned (Ottawa Lunchbox, 2003/04), The Tempest (St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, 2003), The Dragonfly of Chicoutimi (Factory Theatre, 2002), and La Raccourcie (Théâtre français de Toronto, 2000).

As well, he has directed  new play readings for the Great Canadian Theatre Co., for the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Festival Zones Théâtrales and Théâtre la Catapulte. Kevin’s brush with fame came when he directed a stage production for the musical trio of Sharon, Lois and Bram.


2014 – Outstanding New Creation, Fucking Carl, Prix Rideau Awards

2014 – Outstanding Production, Fucking Carl, Ottawa Fringe Festival

2013 – Best New Creation, We Glow, Rideau Awards 

2013 – Best Overall Production, We Glow, Ottawa Fringe Festival Awards

2011 – Best New Creation for Bifurcate Me, Rideau Awards

2011 – Best Director Nomination for Bifurcate Me, Rideau Awards

2007 – Best Director for Greek, Rideau Awards

2007 – Best Production for Greek, Rideau Awards

2005 – Best Professional Production Award for Greek, Capital Critics Circle Awards 

2002 – Dragonfly of Chicoutimi was nominated for a Dora Award, Best Actor 

1995 – Nominated for Teacher of the year McMaster University

Research – practical

New play creation with Theatre 4.669

Over twenty-five professional directing projects

Four plays and two adaptations – written or co-written

2006 – Co-chair Mid-American Theatre Conference, Chicago

2003-2006 – Member Directors and Choreographers Committee, CAEA

2005 – Symposium chair, Mid-American Theatre Conference, Kansas

2005 – Juror, Magnetic North Playwrighting competition

2004 – Atelier sur la mise en scène, Théâtre Action

2003 – Symposium panelist Magnetic North Festival

2003 – Artistic Consultant, Salamader Theatre

Current research

Ongoing development of new projects with Theatre 4.669, and a production of Morris Panych’s The Dishwashers for Theatro Do Morcego in Galicia, Spain in October, 2017.

Theatre – Kevin Orr


Title: Bifurcate Mee 
Playwrights: Julie Legal, Andy Massingham and Kevin Orr
Director: Kevin Orr

Fields of Interest

  • Directing
  • New play creation
  • Artistic Direction
  • Actor and Director training
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