Programs of study

Undergraduate programs

The Department of Theatre offers programs that introduce students to the practice and study of Theatre in all its facets, from acting, directing, and design to criticism and dramaturgy. 

The programs integrate the dominant English and French theatrical traditions; this complementary approach encourages students to explore both traditions. 

Students are encouraged to participate in the Department's many productions.


  • Certain courses required for the Honours program are bilingual.
  • Because of the highly specialized nature of certain studio courses, in particular the directing and acting courses, the Department may require an interview, an audition, or another form of evaluation. Enrolment in those courses will be limited.
  • Any theatre course given in English may be replaced by the equivalent course given in French, and vice versa, in consultation with the Department.


Our Programs


    1. Education Profile
    2. Theory Profile
    3. Introduction to Acting Profile
    4. Arts Administration Profile
    5. Production Profile

Professor Louise Frappier, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

New option: Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation
The Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation option was thoughtfully crafted to cater to our makers, shakers and risk-takers!
Graduate programs

The Department of Theatre offers two programs at the master level:

Master of Fine Arts in Theatre (MFA) (Directing)

This innovative program allows students to benefit from the approaches to directing found Canada's two principal theatrical cultures. Our program also aims to cultivate our students' sense of aesthetic diversity, exposing them to contrasting approaches to the director's art, from traditional, text-based production to devised and postdramatic performance.

Master of Arts in Theatre (MA) (Theatre Theory and Dramaturgy)

This two-year (with MA thesis) program permits students to develop and perfect their interpretative, critical and scholarly skills, as well as spark the intellectual curiosity required for doctoral studies.

Application deadline: January 31

Theses defences

Professor Daniel Mroz, Director of graduate studies

Did you know?

  • Our Master of Fine Arts in Theatre (MFA) (Directing) is the only bilingual program in the country.
  • The new Master of Arts in Theatre (MA) (Theatre Theory and Dramaturgy) prepares graduates to follow doctoral programs offered by Canadian universities and abroad.
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