Programs of study

Undergraduate programs

The School of Translation and Interpretation of the Faculty of Arts teaches professional translation as it is currently practiced in both the public and private sectors in Canada. Courses cover not only translation (general, specialized and technical), but also documentary research, professional writing, terminology and lexicology, computers and translation, and theoretical aspects of translation. 

The School also offers an introductory course in interpretation, as well as translation courses into and out of Spanish, which aim to meet some of the needs generated by the globalization of business. 

A new minor in translation (which must be combined with another program of study) introduces students to professional translation into their dominant language. The honours with specialization includes the co-operative education option, which combines academic studies with experience in the workplace. Finally, students who already hold a university degree have the option of following a two-year accelerated honours with specialization program.

Explore the structure of each program in this academic discipline

  • Honours BA in French-English Translation
  • Honours BA in French-Spanish-English Translation
  • Honours in French-English Translation (two years)
  • Honours in French-Spanish-English Translation (two years)
  • Mineure en traduction vers le français
  • Minor in Translation into English
Graduate programs

Please note that all classes at the STI include lectures, readings and discussions in both English and French. If you register in our program, you may do your assignments in either English or French, but you must be prepared to work in this bilingual environment.

Master programs

Doctoral programs

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