MA in Translation Studies - Chinese Option

This program is scheduled to begin August 2017

Admission requirements

  • BA in Translation, or first year of MA or MTI programs from China or similar; TOEFL or IELTS score for international students;
  • Possible interview by Skype or in person;
  • Passive knowledge of French required; for STI;

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Participating universities

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Shanghai Maritime University
Nankai University
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology


The program is designed to be completed in 3 semesters: from early August to mid-July.

Students take 6 required courses and one elective; they complete the program with a commented translation of 3000-4000 words (length of text depends on difficulty) plus commentary.


Pre-Fall Session (August)

Required Course

TRA6911 Research Methods in Translation Studies / RESEARCH METHODS IN TRANSLATION STUDIES (3cr.)

General research methods in translation studies, Documentation, research planning, academic writing.

Fall Session (September to December)

Required Courses

TRA5902 Theories of Translation / THÉORIES DE LA TRADUCTION (3cr.)

A critical and comparative survey of the many theoretical approaches to understanding translation. Structuralist, descriptive, functionalist models, cultural and sociological approaches, systems theory perspectives.


TRA6902  Discourse and Translation/Discours et traduction (3 cr.)

A survey of conceptual models for the production, interpretation and reception of discourse as applied to translation. Enunciation, narration, argumentation. Pragmatics and sociocultural aspects of discourse.


TRA5916 Translation Workshop (Chinese - English) / ATELIER DE TRADUCTION (3 cr.)
An intensive advanced course in the translation of pragmatic texts from Chinese to English.

Optional courses

TRA5903 Computers and Translation / Informatique et traduction (3cr.)

Overview of advanced computational aids for human translation, with some hands-on practice (e.g. terminology management, desk-top publishing, grammar checking). Survey of machine and machine-aided translation. Analysis of machine translation output.


TRA5909 Didactics of Translator Training / Pédagogie de la traduction (3cr.)

History of the teaching of professional translation throughout the world. Survey of curricula in various translation schools. Comparative analysis of teaching manuals and methods. Examination of testing principles and test evaluation. Practical exercises.

TRA5912 Literary Translation / Traduction littéraire (3cr.)
Literary translation as practised for different genres, periods and cultures. Theories of literary translation. Comparison and analysis of translations. Practical exercises.


Winter Session (January - April)

Required Courses

TRA5906 Language and translation/Langue et traduction (3cr.)

A study of the linguistic concepts which are of use in translation studies and related fields.


TRA5918 Translation Workshop (English-Chinese) / ATELIER DE TRADUCTION III (3cr.)

An intensive advanced course in reading and translating pragmatic English texts into Chinese.


Optional courses

TRA5913 Adaptation/ Adaptation (3cr.)

Principles of "dynamic" translation. Adaptation techniques (advertising, journalism, etc.). Film and TV dubbing. Practical exercises.


TRA5901 History of Translation  / Histoire de la traduction (3cr.)

The main trends in translation in the West from Antiquity to the present. Analysis of the most significant approaches to the task of translation. Discussion of representative translators from different schools of thought and periods. Research projects.

TRA5905 Lexicology, Terminology and Documentation / Lexicologie, terminologie et documentation (3cr.)

Study of the nature and description of lexical and terminological units. Typology and critical analysis of documentary resources. Linguistic and conceptual aspects of bilingual terminology research.


TRA6903 Machine Translation / Traduction automatique (3cr.)

Study of morphological, lexical, syntactic and semantic components of machine translation systems. Hands-on practice with a commercial system. Considerations in the evaluation of machine output. Introductory exercises in linguistic programming.
Prerequisite: TRA 5903 or permission of the professor.

Spring and Summer Session (May-August)

TRA7993 Commented Translation / Traduction commentée (6cr.)




Graduate level at the Faculty of Arts for one semester, 2016-2017: $7,090.96


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