Professor of History and Theory of Art and Associate Professor, Department of Visual Arts

PhD Art History (Contemporary), Dept. of Art History and Communications Studies, McGill University, Montreal
MA Art History (Modern), Dept. of Fine Arts, University of Toronto, Toronto
BA First Class Honours, Art History, Department of Art History, McGill University

100 Laurier Ave. E., Room 101

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 3264

Work E-mail:


Courses taught

ART 4115, Special Topics in History and Theory of Art: Martyrdom in Art and Visual Culture
ART 3118 Art, Globalization, and Cultural Hybridities
ART 3171 Art, Utopia, and Avant-Gardes
ART 3181 Artistic Strategies of the Postmodern Era
ART 3364 Histories and Theories of Photography
ART 4955 Research Seminar in the History and Theory of Art/Séminaire de recherche en histoire et théorie de l'art
ART 5971 MFA Seminar: Art and Cultural Theory

"Of Gesture, Erasure, and Exposure in Contemporary Iranian Photography," Art Tomorrow 5 (2011): 142-151. Persian translation by Payam Parishanzadeh. 

A Fitzpatrick


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