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VASA/AEAV (Visual Arts Student Association)

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The Visual Arts Student Association (VASA) is a group of students committed to speaking for the Visual/Fine Art student body each school year. The association acts as a liaison between students, The Faculty of Arts, and the Department of Visual Arts. The group prepares and controls events and fundraisers, and holds weekly office hours within the Visual Art building.

The purpose of VASA is to organize events throughout the year that encourage students  to get involved within the Visual Art program, as well as participate in the arts community in the region. Office hours are held as an outlet for students, under an open door policy. We encourage students to use our service for advice, technical or project assistance, or any type of question or concern. We hope to create an environment that makes students feel comfortable, motivated, and passionate about the Visual Arts program!



How to reach the association

100 Laurier Avenue East, Room LRR012


President: Rachel Perras


Secretary: Sarah Clothier


VP University Affairs: Melissa Ng


VP Comm Anglo: Rame Abdulkader


VP Comm Franco: Emilie Marcotte


VP Social: Lucy Oulanova


VP Finance: Allyssa Marsden


VP Philanthropic: Maddy Rea


VP Liaison, 1st year students: Laura-Anne Zaporan



AHSA/AEHA (Art History Student Association)

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How to reach the association

100 Laurier Avenue East, Room LRR012


President: Beatrice Au


Secretary: Phoebe Sampey


VP University Affairs: Talia Golland


VP Communications: Christa Nemnon


VP Social: Elisha Labreche


VP Finance: Emma Barrett-Ryan


VP Philanthropic: Zac Thiffault



President (elected)

  • Is the spokesperson for the student body.
  • Acts as liaison between the students, the Faculty of Arts, and the Department of visual arts.
  • Prepares and controls, with the treasurer, the Student Council's budget.
  • Attends all SAFA (Students Arts Faculty Association) meetings.
  • Schedules and chairs all student council meetings.
  • Attends all visual arts Departmental meetings.
  • Prepares and supervises the following year's elections.

VP Finance

  • Assists in the preparation of the Council's budget and supervises expenditures.
  • Is responsible for the financial bookkeeping.
  • Assists the Council in the acquisition of additional funds for special projects.

Secretary (appointed)

  • Is responsible for recording the minutes.
  • Keeps correspondence SAFA university affairs

VP communications

  • Distributes information documents pertaining to the students of the Department of visual arts.
  • Directs students to appropriate resources.
  • Maintains and updates the bulletin board.
  • Is responsible for the publicity of various events.
  • Is responsible for poster preparation.
  • Is responsible for apparel

VP Social

  • Is responsible for event coordination.
  • Is responsible for trip planning.

VP University Affairs

  • Is the liaison with SAFA.
  • Assists in discussion and helps revise VASA’s constitution.
  • Attends Board of Directors meetings and Departmental Assemblies.
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