About the Institute


The Institute's mandate, as granted by the Faculty of Arts, is to stimulate and support research relating to Canada through teaching, research and a variety of other interdisciplinary activities. The Institute carries out its mandate by way of its undergraduate and graduate programs, by offering the infrastructure required for research and by organizing various activities including courses, conferences, workshops and seminars.

The Institute of Canadian and Aboriginal Studies focuses on three favoured themes:

  • Canada's Cultural and National Diversity
  • Native Peoples in Canada
  • Canada's International Presence


Canadian and Aboriginal Studies is a varied interdisciplinary field that examines important issues in Canada’s historical and contemporary development. The Institute focuses on three main approaches to Canadian issues: Canada’s cultural and national diversity, the contribution of Native peoples and Canada’s international presence.

The Institute fulfills its mandate through offering undergraduate programs in Canadian Studies—either a 30-credit minor or a 42-credit major, through organizing activities such as lunch-hour conferences, symposiums and seminars and through preparing various publications on topics related to Canadian Studies. The Institute also participates in an interdisciplinary PhD program in Canadian Studies that involves 15 departments and faculties. As part of this program, the Institute offers two Ph.D. seminars each year, a bilingual one (CDN 6910) and one in French on the Canadian Francophonie (CDN 6520).

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