The Charles R. Bronfman Lecture


Charles R. Bronfman - Lecture in Canadian Studies

The next lecture will be given by Charles Coocoo.
The date is to be determined.


Charles Coocoo, whose real name is Matotoson Iriniu, or "the one who conducts the ceremonies" in the Atikamekw language, is an Elder from the Atikamekw community of Wemontaci. Self-taught, he has been committed all his life to the protection of the land and the living and to the transmission of the rich heritage he received from the Elders.


Since 1994, the Institute of Canadian and Aboriginal Studies has presented each year a prestigious lecture in Canadian studies designed to bring into focus a leading personality who has made a significant contribution to the study of Canada.


Past Speakers:

Ovide Mercredi, Cree Social Thought: Politics, Leadership, and Society (2018)

Chantal Hébert, D'Expo 67 à Canada 150 : Ce qui a changé... ou pas (2017)

Taiaiake Alfred, The Death and Rebirth of the Noble Savage (2016)

Daniel Poliquin, La fin du monde est ajournée : le Canada imaginé, hier et aujourd’hui (2015)

Michael Byers, Canada’s Arctic Future: Looking beyond October 2015 (2014)

Robert Lalonde, Le vacarmeur se demande: «pourquoi écrire?» (2013)

Maria Campbell, The Sovereignty of Squatting: The Hidden History of Road Allowance Villages (2012)

Steven Guilbeault, Le Canada à l’heure des changements climatiques (2011)

Ed Broadbent, Equality or Barbarism (2010)

Wajdi Mouawad, Art et politique (2009)

Dinu Bumbaru, Sense of Place in Mutation – Canadian Cities and the Heritage of Metropolis (2008)

Louise Fréchette, Le Canada et la gouvernance mondiale: les défis du XXIe siècle (2007)

Kenneth McRoberts, Dealing with Dualism: Language, Culture and Identity in Canada (2006)

Roch Carrier, Je vous parlerai de culture. S’il vous plaît, ne vous sauvez pas tous… (2005)

Roméo A. Dallaire, Canadian Initiatives in Humanitarianism (2004)

Denise Bombardier, La Révolution tranquille: quarante ans après (2003)

Tomson Highway, Comparing Mythologies (2002)

Antonine Maillet, Le pays crée l’artiste qui recrée son pays (2001)

Ken Dryden, Finding a Way: Lagacy for the Past, Recipe for the Future (2000)

Serge Courville, Rêves d’empire. Québec et le rêve colonial (1999)

Joy Parr, These Goods Are Canadian-made: An Historian Thinks About Things (1998)

Jacques Godbout, L’idée de pays (1997)

Maragaret Atwood, In Search of Alias Grace (1996)

Gérard Bouchard, Entre l’Ancien et le Nouveau Mond. Le Québec comme population neuve et culture fondatrice (1995)

Jeffrey Simpson, Reinventing Canada – Réinventer le Canada (1994)

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