Luc-André BRUNET


Luc-André BRUNET
Visiting Researcher (TBD)

Luc-André Brunet


I am currently Lecturer in Twentieth-Century European History at the Open University in the UK. Previously, I was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, and Pinto Post-doctoral Fellow at the London School of Economics, where I also earned my PhD. My first book, Forging Europe: Industrial Organisation in France, 1940-1952 (2017) examines previously overlooked continuities from Vichy France to the first supranational institutions in Europe, notably the European Coal and Steel Community (the forerunner to today’s European Union).

My primary research project while at the ICAS focuses on the diplomatic and economic relations between Canada and Vichy France during the Second World War. While the UK and France severed diplomatic relations shortly after the establishment of the Vichy regime, Canada maintained relations with Vichy until the end of 1942. Canada thus pursued a foreign policy distinct from London, informed by both domestic and international factors. Building on research completed in France, the UK, Germany, South Africa, and Australia, this project aims to place Franco-Canadian relations in its full international context to assess the emergence of a genuinely autonomous Canadian foreign policy in the mid-twentieth century.

I am also studying Pierre Trudeau’s 1983 Peace Initiative, with a focus on how the initiative was received by Canada’s allies in NATO, drawing on recently declassified archival material from half a dozen countries.

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