Student Research

Student Research

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This portal includes different types of student research on a variety of Indigenous and Canadian issues, including:

  • Story maps with information on the histories of various First Nations (Métis and Inuit content coming soon!) and the histories of various Canadian social and political movements,
  • A variety of research reports such as a class submission on Voting Reform and a Community Wellbeing Index for Indigenous students at uOttawa, and
  • A diverse collection of student reflections and commentaries on diverse issues and topics.


Here you can explore the social, political, and economic dynamics of social policy and colonization, with a focus on the processes of power, historical discourse, and Indigenous self-determination. The students whose research is presented here have established a foundation of critical, normative, and empirical knowledge that has developed their understanding of First Nations, Métis and Inuit nations and they are happy to share it with everyone.  It is our hope that it may be of help to developing greater understanding for others so all peoples can begin to move forward together in a good way.

The Student Research Portal will be updated frequently as courses progress.

Please note that all of the research contained on this portal was completed entirely by undergraduate students.  It has not peer reviewed and is not intended to constitute a full representation of the issues or topics discussed.

We are happy that you have joined us on this learning journey.

Chi-miigwetch! Nia:wen-kowa!

Story Maps

Story Maps

Students show their academic journey on an interactive map of different First Nations on Turtle Island (North America) as well as Canadian social and political movements in Canada.

Food System

Research Based on Archival Documents

The Ottawa region has many archives in its midst. Textual records often become witness of the impact of colonialism towards Indigenous peoples in Canada. In certain classes, students familiarize themselves with archival research in order to master documentary research, the historical method, as well as knowledge dissemination. In so doing, they acquire skills required to critically navigate data repositories.



Interested in learning what students think about voting reform in Canada? Or how key issues of concern are impacting the wellbeing of Indigenous students at uOttawa?This section includes a class submission to ERRES on voting reform as well as a Indigenous Community Wellbeing Index (CWI) and related content on Indigenous student wellbeing.

Commentary and Analysis

Indigenous Pedagogy

This section comprises Indigenized lesson plans and cultural storytelling.



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