Vered Jewish Canadian Studies

The University of Ottawa’s Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program is home to leading scholars in the field with research interests in history, literature, cinema, Holocaust Studies, cultural studies and other areas. We offer a variety of courses in a multidisciplinary environment that examine the Jewish Canadian experience from a variety of angles, including its history from colonial times to the present, its rich literary traditions, its diverse religious life, and its Yiddish language and cultural heritage. Our courses allow students to explore the past and present of an ethnic and religious group that has shaped and been shaped by the Canadian experience for over 250 years. Our students have gone on to successful careers in Education, Law, Library and Information Studies, among others.

University of Ottawa offers a Jewish Canadian Studies Option for any student completing a degree at the University of Ottawa. Students from all Faculties and Departments at the University of Ottawa are invited to take the Option in Jewish Canadian Studies, which requires the successful completion of 9 units in Jewish Canadian Studies. The focus is up to each student to decide: the history of the Jewish experience in Canada; literature and film produced by Jewish Canadians; the Holocaust; Yiddish language and culture; the Religious experience, or any combination. The Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program offers a number of awards and scholarships to students who take our courses, with priority given to those enrolled in the Option. We coordinate diverse special programming and events of interest to students and the community-at-large, including conferences, lectures, literary readings and musical events. Our intensive Yiddish language and literature program is offered every second year (2017-2019-2021, etc.) during the Summer as a six-week, six-unit intensive.

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