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The following courses are offered through the Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program. They may be taken as part of the minor in Jewish Canadian Studies or in conjunction with another program of study.

Unless otherwise indicated below, all courses are open to University students as well as members of the wider community. Community members may register for courses as special students for credit or as auditors. Auditors are authorized to register without obtaining credits and cannot write examinations or submit assignments.

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The Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program consist of the following courses.

The Jewish Canadian Studies Option consist of any three courses (9 units) from the following list of 3-unit courses:

CDN 2105

History of the Jews of Canada

CDN 2301

Introduction to Jewish Canadian Studies (previously CDN 1300)

CDN 3102

Selected Topics in Jewish Canadian Studies

CDN 3383

Jewish Canadian Writers

HIS 3328

The Holocaust

SRS 3314


YDD 1901

Introduction to the Yiddish Language and Culture I

YDD 1902

Introduction to the Yiddish Language and Culture II

YDD 2104

Yiddish Literature and Film


The Jewish Canadian Studies course offerings for the 2018-2019 academic year and beyond are found below. Unless indicated, none of our courses have prerequisites and all can be taken as electives.

CDN 2105
HIS 2105

CDN 2505
HIS 2505

History of the Jews of Canada
Histoire des juifs au Canada

Overview of the history of the Jewish community in Canada from the English regime to the contemporary period.

Histoire des juifs au Canada (CDN 2505)

Professor: Pierre Anctil
Fall term 2018 | Lundi de 13h00 à 14h30 et mercredi de 11h30 à 13h00

CDN 2301

CDN 2701

Introduction to Jewish Canadian Studies (previously CDN 1300)
Introduction aux études juives canadiennes (CDN 1700)

Multidisciplinary overview of Jewish Canadian Studies in the fields of history, literature, sociology and culture in general.
Survol multidisciplinaire des études juives canadiennes dans les domaines de l'histoire, de la littérature, de la sociologie et de la culture en général.

CDN 2301 be tentatively offered in Fall 2020

CDN 3102

CDN 3502

Selected Topics in Jewish Canadian Studies
Thèmes choisis en études juives canadiennes

Topics to be offered in rotation as advertised by the department.

Canadian Responses to the Holocaust to be tentatively offered in May 2020

CDN 3383

Jewish Canadian Writers
A study of the works of Jewish Canadian writers in English.

*see CDN 4101 below

CDN 4101

ENG 4182


Special topics course: Leonard Cohen: Poet, Novelist, and Troubadour

Professor: Seymour Mayne
Fall term 2018 | Thursday evening, 7:00 to 10:00 p.m

In this course we will focus mainly on Leonard Cohen’s writings, his books of poetry starting with his debut collection Let Us Compare Mythologies, his two novels, and his extensive lyrical repertoire as literary texts. We will also examine the poetry and poetics of writers whose work helped shaped Cohen’s evolving career, including his chief mentors, A. M. Klein, Irving Layton, and Louis Dudek. In addition, we will read the poets who emerged with him in the 1950s and consider how Cohen influenced and shaped Canadian writing for over half a century of literary practice.

HIS 3328

HIS 3728

The Holocaust / L’holocauste

Professor: Jan Grabowski
Fall term, 2018 | Tuesdays 11:30-1:00p.m. and Fridays 1:00-2:30 p.m.

Overview of the history of European anti-Semitism, and analysis of the development of Nazi policies of extermination of the Jews, with a focus on European political and social developments between 1933 and 1945, and of responses, including victims, to state-legislated anti-Semitism.
Survol de l'histoire de l'antisémitisme européen et analyse du développement de la politique d'extermination des Juifs menée par les Nazis; étude de la situation socio-politique européenne entre 1933 et 1945 et des réactions, y compris celles des victimes, face à la répression étatique.

Prerequisite: 6 course units in history (HIS) at the 2000 level, 6 course units in history (HIS).
Préalable : 6 crédits de cours en histoire (HIS) de niveau 2000, 6 crédits de cours en histoire (HIS).

SRS 3314

SRS 3714

Judaism / Le judaïsme

To be tentatively offered in Fall 2021
A study of the beliefs, commandments, rites and traditions that form the Jewish religion.
Étude des croyances, des lois, des rites et des traditions qui constituent la religion juive de ses origines jusqu'aux temps présents.

YDD 1901 YDD 1902

Introduction to the Yiddish Language and Culture I & II
Introduction à la langue et à la culture yiddish I & II

May 1-June 15, 2019 (intensive 6-week, 6-credit course)

Introduction to the Yiddish language, including its grammar, lexicon, and cultural contexts. Overview of Yiddish culture past and present through works of literature, theatre, film, music and folklore.
Apprentissage de la langue yiddish: grammaire, lexique et contextes culturels. Survol de la culture yiddish d'hier et d'aujourd'hui à travers la littérature, le théâtre, le cinéma, la musique et le folklore.

YDD 2104

Yiddish Literature and Film

To be tentatively offered in Winter 2021

A study of Yiddish literature and cinema in its major and minor centres worldwide. Discussion of major themes in Yiddish literary works and film as well as the social and cultural contexts behind their creation.

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