Vered Jewish Canadian Studies - Scholarships

Veuillez noter que la liste suivante sont des bourses qui pourraient intéresser les étudiants et étudiantes du programme des Études juives canadiennes Vered.

1. Gil Levine Yiddish Scholarship (722200102568)

Purpose of fund: To recognize outstanding achievement in the field of Jewish language, literature and culture in Canada within the University of Ottawa’s Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program.

2. Michelle Julia Gringler Memorial Scholarship (OTSS) (722220102089)

Purpose of fund: To provide financial assistance to students in need who demonstrate a keen interest in Jewish Canadian Studies.

3. Jacob Freedman Memorial Award (762200301126)

Purpose of fund: To offer an award to an undergraduate or graduate student registered at the University of Ottawa in recognition of the excellence of his/her work in the field of Jewish studies and its significance to the Jewish community of the Cities of Ottawa and Gatineau, Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.
Apply through the Student Portal of the University of Ottawa’s “Online Scholarships and Bursaries”.

4. Ethel Cooper Yiddish Studies Award of Excellence

Purpose of fund: To recognize students who demonstrate a commitment to the study of Yiddish language and culture by providing an award to the student who obtained the highest mark in a Yiddish language and culture course at the University of Ottawa.
No application is required. The award is allocated automatically to the top student in the YDD 1901, or 2104 class offered that year.

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