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Classics and Religious Studies, formerly two distinct units, merged in 1996 to form this now single department. Its 17 full-time professors specialize in a wide range of fields that occasionally interlock, though for most day-to-day purposes the two sectors operate independently. The most important area of convergence lies probably in the field of Late Antiquity, that is, the transition from the Greco-Roman period to the early Middle Ages, where the spread of Christianity played an important part. Learn more about Classical Studies and Religious Studies.


Word from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Classics and Religious Studies website. 

As you can see, our Department consists of two sectors, namely Classics and Religious Studies. In the Classics sector, the professors and programs deal primarily with the ancient languages, archaeology, history and literature, as well as the religion and mythology, of the Graeco-Roman world. In the Religious Studies sector, the professors and programs cover mainly world religions, anthropology, sociology and psychology of religion, while also including the religion of Antiquity. 

At the graduate level, we offer a Master’s in Religious Studies, a Master’s in Classical Studies with a concentration in Late Antiquity, and a doctoral program in Religious Studies which focuses on religions in Canada, including Amerindian and Inuit traditions, on religions in a comparative cultural context as well as religions in the Graeco-Roman World.

If you are interested in these areas of study and research, I invite you to browse our website and to learn more about us.

Adele Reinhartz
Chair of the Department (Dir.Etud.anc.Religions-Classics.Religion.Dir@uottawa.ca)

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