Fields of Interest of Professors, Classics Sector

Edmund BLOEDOW - PhD, Würz

  • History of Greek art and archeology

Richard W. BURGESS  - DPhil, Oxford University

  • Late Roman chronicles
  • Editing texts
  • Late Roman history and historiography
  • Late Roman coinage, especially fifth century Western

Marie-Pierre BUSSIÈRES - PhD, Université de Paris IV Sorbonne

  • Late Antique and Christian Latin Literature


Catherine COLLOBERT – PhD Philosophy, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

  • Ancient Philosophy, Presocratics, Aristotle
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Literature
  • Philosophy of History of Philosophy

Dominique CÔTÉ - PhD, Université Laval

  • Christian Apocryphal literature
  • Second Aophistic
  • Greek mythology
  • Magic in the Greco-Roman world

Jitse H.F. DIJKSTRA - PhD, University of Groningen

  • Egypt in Late Antiquity
  • Coptic
  • Papyrology and epigraphy
  • Archaeology

Geoffrey B. GREATREX - DPhil, Exeter College, Oxford

  • Late Antiquity
  • Romano-Persian Relations
  • The Reign of the Emperor Justinian

Antonia HOLDEN - PhD (Bryn Mawr College)

  • Greek vase painting
  • Roman art, particularly: Late Roman art, Roman sculpture and artistic patronage
  • As Curator of the departmental museum, I am currently working on the ceramics collection with the aim of its publication.

Karin SCHLAPBACH - Dr. phil. University of Zurich

  • Later ancient literature
  • Later ancient performance culture
  • Post-classical philosophy

John C. YARDLEY - PhD, St. Andrews University

  • Greek and Roman Literature
  • Justin and Pompeius Trogus
  • Quintus Curtius Rufus, Livy, Tacitus
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