Fields of Interest of Professors, Religious Studies

Emma ANDERSON - PhD, Harvard University

  • European-Aboriginal Religious Contact in Colonial Canada
  • North American Religious History
  • Aboriginal Religions
  • Post-Tridentine French Catholicism
  • Conversion and De-conversion
  • Miracles, Healings, and Marian Apparitions
  • Material Culture and Religion, Popular Religion
  • Religion in Contemporary Canada
  • Religion and Violence in colonial North America

Lori G. BEAMAN - PhD in Sociology, University of New Brunswick

  • Religion in Canadian Society
  • Social and Cultural Theory
  • Critical Legal Studies

Peter BEYER - PhD, University of Toronto

  • Sociology of Religion
  • Religion and Globalization
  • Religion in Contemporary Canada
  • Religion and Immigration

Andreas BUSS - Docteur en sociologie, Sorbonne

  • Max Weber’s comparative sociology of religions
  • War and peace in world religions
  • Religion in international and constitutional law
  • Theravada Buddhism; Russian-Orthodox Christianity

Theodore DE BRUYN - PhD, University of St. Michael's College

  • Christianity in Late Antiquity
  • Ritual and Religious Identity
  • Religion and Health

Michel GARDAZ - PhD, University of Ottawa

  • History of the Study of Religion
  • Method and Theory

Naomi GOLDENBERG - PhD, Yale University

  • Psychoanalysis
  • Women and Religion
  • Cultural Studies

Marie-Françoise GUÉDON - PhD anthropologie, Collège Bryn Mawr Penn

  • Anthropology of religion - shamanism 
  • Aboriginal peoples 
  • Intercultural studies

Martin KALULAMBI PONGO PhD, History, Université Laval

Charles LAUGHLIN - PhD, University of Oregon

  • Religion anthropology  

Rebecca MARGOLIS - Ph.D., Columbia University

  • Canadian Yiddish culture
  • Yiddish language and literature
  • Canadian Jewish Studies

Pierluigi PIOVANELLI - PhD Jewish Studies, Universities of Turin, Pisa, Rome “La Sapienza,” and Venice

  • Jewish and Christian Apocryphal Texts
  • Jewish Apocalypticism
  • Historical Jesus
  • Ethiopian Christianity

Reinhard PUMMER - PhD, University of Vienna

  • History of religions
  • Samaritanism
  • Judaism 
  • Methodology of history of religions

Kelley RAAB MAYO - PhD, Religious Studies, University of Ottawa

  • Religion and psychiatry
  • Psychology of religion
  • Women and religion

Adele REINHARTZ - PhD, McMaster University

  • Early Christianity and Judaism
  • Gospel of John
  • Bible and Film
  • Jewish-Christian Relations
  • Feminist Biblical Criticism

Georges E. SIOUI - PhD in History, Université Laval

  • Metahistory and history of Aboriginal peoples
  • Aboriginal philosophy and spirituality
  • Aboriginal/indigenous education
  • Canadian studies

Georges TISSOT - PhD, Université de Montréal

  • History of religions
  • Aboriginal religions 
  • Intercultural studies

Anne VALLELY - PhD, University of Toronto

  • Anthropology of Religion
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