Graduate Students' Association – Joint CLA and SRS 2015-2016

RSGSA - Executive Members (2015-2016)

PresidentScott Craig
Vice PresidentAlyshea Cummins
VP SocialCameron Montgomery
Social AssistantStacie Swain
SecretaryEmily Lafleche
TreasurerStefan Moffat
GSAED RepresentativeBrooklyn Holmes

To reach us:

Facebook: Religious Studies Grad. Students - University of Ottawa

Biographies of Executive Members

Scott Craig

Program and DegreeSRS PhD Student
RSGSA TitleVP Social

Scott's broad area of interest is sociology and religion. More specifically Scott focuses on the recent development of American Zen over the past century. Scott's upcoming thesis will examine the historical events that lead up to Zen Buddhism's eventual foundation in the United States as well as its spread throughout North America and other typically Western nations. In addition to his focus on American Zen, Scott also spends his time examining the variety of ways religious terminology is engaged with on new media sites like Facebook and Twitter. When not burying his face in a book with coffee in hand, Scott can be found exploring the city of Ottawa for different ways that religion is engaged with in public life.

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Stefan Moffat

Program and DegreeCLA MA Student
RSGSA TitleTreasurer

Stefan enjoys learning about the ways that material culture provides information about cultural phenomena in Ancient and Medieval Europe. He is presently studying the physical manifestations of reuse, by followers of any potential religion, of Greco-Roman temples in Late Antique Greece by means of the archaeological record. Although quite happy to be busy reading books on Roman and Medieval Central Europe, he is equally delighted to participate in social activities that offer him an opportunity to discuss ideas with his peers, and to assist in any way that he is able.

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Cameron Montgomery

Program and DegreeSRS PhD Student
RSGSA TitleGSAED Representative

Cameron is interested in social justice. Particularly she's working on the relationship between organizations doing social justice work, some of which are called 'religious', and their relationship to the state apparatus and different state regimes. She loves art, music, photography and poetry too, but whatever she is up to she wants to be doing work that is contributing to a more sustainable and compassionate world.

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