La rhétorique de la sainteté

Posted on Friday, February 7, 2020

Dear Professors and Students,

The Department of Classics and Religious Studies, University of Ottawa, is delighted to invite you to:


A lecture entitled:

La rhétorique de la sainteté

(Presentation in French)



Professor Paolo Odorico (EHESS, Paris)


Date and Time:

1:30 pm

Wednesday, March 4, 2020



Room SMD 129

Simard Hall

University of Ottawa

60 University Private, Ottawa 


Among the liturgical books specific to the Byzantine Church, the synaxis occupy a position of choice. These are the collections in which, day by day according to the calendar of the Eastern Church, all the saints whose memory is preserved are commemorated, with a short life story of each saint. In this sense, the synaxaries are very different from a calendar or from the Martyrologies used by Catholics.

If we analyze these thousands of short stories, we discover that there are constants, a unique way of thinking about them, of constructing them through a literary grid which determines the very meaning of holiness. Through the study of this grid, we can see that the elements that constitute it, the "functions" of holiness, draw their meaning and structure from the rhetorical techniques of Antiquity.

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La rhétorique de la sainteté



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