Raymond J. CLARK


Raymond J. CLARK
Adjunct Professor

PhD, Postgraduate Certificate of Education, BA, Exeter University

Office: 613-236-1953 / 613-231-1115
Work E-mail: rjclark@mun.ca

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Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and thereby authorized to supervise theses.

Courses taught

  • LCL4100 Vergil's Eclogues / Aeneid / Horace's Odes
  • LCL3100 Selections from Latin authors
  • CLA3130 Mythology through Literature / Homer and Vergil

Selected publications

The Eleusinian Mysteries and Vergil's 'Appearance-of-a-Terrifying-Female-Apparition-in-the-Underworld' motif in Aeneid 6, in P.A. Johnston and G. Casadio (eds), The Cults of Magna Graecia (2009) 190-203.

Dido's Moment of Death as a Cosmic Event in Vergil's Universe, in P. Granoff and K. Shinohara (eds), Heroes and Saints: The Moment of Death in Cross-cultural Perspectives (Newcastle, 2007) 251-274.

Horace on Vergil's Sea-Crossing in Ode I. 3, Vergilius 50 (2004) 1-24.

The Cerberus-like function of the Gorgons in Vergil's Underworld (Aen. 6. 273-294), Classical Quarterly 53 (2003) 308-309.

Fields of Interest

  • Vergil and his influence in late antiquity
  • Local traditions and history of Campania in Southern Italy
  • Mythology, Literature esp. Epic, and Greek philosophy
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