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Reinhard PUMMER
Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies

PhD, University of Vienna

Room: DMS 10101
Office: 613-565-6198
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Reinhard Pummer


Reinhard Pummer’s research interests since his doctoral studies have been in the field of History of Religions, including the methods and history of the discipline. For many years now he has focused on a sister religion of Judaism, that is, Samaritanism. Like Christianity, Samaritanism as it has existed for the last two thousand years developed out of the matrix of the biblical tradition and became an independent religion. Today it has approximately seven hundred adherents who live on Mount Gerizim in Palestine and in a suburb of Tel Aviv in Israel.

Reinhard Pummer has published on the formative period of Samaritanism, but also on the present day Samaritans. Among his publications are a pictorial documentation of ancient and modern Samaritan beliefs and practices in the series ‘Iconography of Religions,’ a reference work on Samaritans and Samaritan studies, an edition of Samaritan marriage contracts, a bibliography of the Samaritans, and a monograph on the Samaritans in early Christian writings.

Courses taught

  • SRS2112 The Religions of the World I
  • SRS2113 The Religions of the World II
  • SRS3314 Judaism  
  • SRS3315 Islam
  • SRS5902 Sacred Scriptures 
  • SRS4202 The Scientific Study of Religions

Selected publications


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Fields of Interest

  • History of religions
  • Samaritanism
  • Judaism
  • Methodology of history of religions
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