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Transcendence: Psychedelics and Spiritual Healing at the End of Life


About the Workshop

There is an urgent need to have a greater understanding of existential suffering and its role in end-of-life decision making, as well as to explore innovative avenues that may help alleviate it. The workshop was dedicated to developing inter-disciplinary forums that bridge Medicine, Psychology and Religious Studies with the goal of exploring the potentials of psychedelics and other self-transformative practices to alleviate existential anxiety among those at the end-of-life.

The workshop brought experts in the study of psychedelic medicine into dialogue with those in the fields of end-of-life care, psychology, religious and shamanic studies in order to explore the potentials of psychedelic-facilitated end-of-life therapies. It also sought to better understand the phenomenology of psychedelic-facilitated mystical-type experiences and their similarities (and differences) with naturally occurring mystical experiences. Finally, it sought to develop concrete interdisciplinary research avenues in the area of psychedelics and spiritual healing, and explore viable public policy opportunities so as to lay the groundwork for future collaborations.

Audio Files of the Speakers - Forthcoming

Theme 1: The Spirituality of Dying
  • Anne Pitman
  • Patricia Pearson  
  • Kelley Raab
Theme 2: Death & Dying in Canada
  • Harvey Chang
  • Keith Wilson
  • Stephen Jenkinson
Theme 3: Care of the Dying: Psychedelics as a Response to Existential Anxiety
  • Anthony Bossis
  • Jeffrey Guss
  • Philip Wolfson
Theme 4: Public Health & Legal Challenges
  • Kenneth Tupper
  • Brian Rush
Theme 5: Shamanism & Sacraments
  • Evgenia Fotiou
  • James Lawer
  • Kelley Raab
Theme 6: Challenges & Opportunities: Understanding the Phenomenology of Psychedelics Experiences
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Anthony Bossis
  • Philip Wolfson
  • Jeffrey Guss
Theme 7: Conducting Psychedelics with Therapeutic Psychedelics: Open Discussion
  • Audio Forthcoming
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