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PhD. University of St Andrews
MA. McGill University
BA. McGill University

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John Serrati did his doctoral work at the university of St Andrews in Scotland.  He taught at St Andrews, the Queen's University of Belfast, and McGill University before becoming an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa.  He is also an assistant professor of Classics at John Abbott College in Montreal.  His main area of research examines the relationship between femininity and male virtus in the martial culture of Rome during the Republican period.  As all Roman warfare was framed as a type of vengeance, he considers how women acted as arbiters of masculinity by demanding that men exact revenge through displays of their virtus on the field of battle.  His other line of enquiry analyses Roman imperialism and the creation of early overseas territorial dominions, for which Sicily acts as a microcosm.  More broadly, this research considers the role that royal and state economies played in projections of power and in providing rulers and ruling elites the means to wage war.


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  • Gender in Ancient Rome
  • Warfare and State Economies
  • Ancient Sicily
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